Zulfiqar Khan Khosa seeks to reunite with Angry Leaguers

PESHAWAR:  The central leadership Angry Muslim League (N) leader Senator #Sardar Zulfiqar Khosa Angry KPK has initiated contacts with the Muslim Leaguers.

The Angry Sardar Zulfiqar Khosa, provincial head of the group and the PML-N Peshawar telephonic contact with President Abdul Khalil, and assured them of their full cooperation. ” Express ” Talking with Khalil Abdul Lateef Khosa confirmed that contact with them, and very soon he will come on a tour of provincial workers will get angry.

Abdul Khalil, colleagues, he said in reply to a question, Engineer Amir Muqam assured advice and leadership behavior of protest against the protest movement was delayed for a month. If problems are not solved as promised workers since November 16 must sit in front of the Governor House said. The provincial governor said the workers is a good thing, but a series of meetings with our colleagues has determined that as the governor, we will never meet with them. The workers do not close the door of the Governor’s House workers do not need to start a protest movement.

He did not stop our movement, we are seeing the attitude of the leadership, after over a month’s time that our leadership will know how many people have any idea then we will not accept the jirga.

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