YieldKit Ad Network

YieldKit enables publishers to aggregate and optimize their performance marketing in the simplest way, yielding higher revenues with less effort.

The enabling technology is their Monetization Platform. It is a unique, fully modular API-based aggregator for affiliate marketing, incentive programs, on-site search monetization and data-driven marketing services.

They provide its services to currently about 45,000 active advertisers on hundreds of thousands of domains globally.Their company is based in Hamburg, Germany with about 85% of the business being worldwide. If you run an internal affiliate program or other performance marketing contact them for an individual solution.

YieldKit Ad Network Details

Type: CPA,IN-Text
Minimum Threshold: € 30
Payment Frequency: NET 60
Payment Method: Bank Transfer, Paypal
Based Country: DE
Contact: Telephone: +49 40 209 349 770
Email:[email protected]
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