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XtendAds Media is the leading self service Ad platform build for affiliated marketers and direct publishers. We are a marketplace that focuses on selling and buying display advertising units. Our speciality is our RTB self-service platform which allows anyone to signup and create campaigns in minutes.

Our dual platform for both buying and selling in online ads is supported by the latest state-of-the art technology which do not allow any opportunity to go past us to benefit our clients. Our system algorithm takes care of the whole universe of client needs, be it in the area of context specification or demographic targeting. We take care that every fraud attempt is detected and eliminated at the very first instance and there is no second tier advertising. We are also proud of our committed team of professionals in the spheres of technology and advertisement. We also are committed to provide each of our client with the best relationship support. One of our guiding objectives is to maximize your ROI while allowing you the full control of your activities in the complicated world of online ads. we always try to ensure that each impression counts.

XtendAds Media Network Details

Type: POP, CPM and dCPM
Minimum Threshout: $ 10
Payment Frequency: Net 30
Payment Method: Paypal, Wire, Skill
Based Country: FR, HK
Contact: Email:[email protected]
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Payment Proof xtendads media

xtend ads payment proof

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