Windows Live Writer-Blogging Makes Easy

Windows live writer (WLW) is a most wide ranged programme used by maximum blogger for blog publishing article right from desktop, which is developed by Microsoft that is a part of the windows live range of products. Specially i love to publish my article with WLW and i am sure you would love to enjoy publishing article right from your desktop.

WLW review by enews update

It has many features like its compatible with blogger, type-pad,word press, windows live spaces, SharePoint blogs, Telligent community,, journal home, movable type API, square space, blog engine and all blogs that supports Really Simple Discover ability.

With WLW you can organise you post in such a way that you cant even do it in your post editing section in your blog. WLW is best for windows live spaces, word press, blogger and type pad and i must say it has taken all advantage of API to expose additional service features within windows live writer. You can use it in you own very language because it is available in 48 different language.

Windows Live Writer makes blogging heaven. While making post on windows live writer you can add photos, videos and many more customization like you can manage heading , subheading and exactly you can see the looks of your post as it will appear on blog after publishing, its give you a option to see your post how exactly it will appear on your visitors. So i must say you don’t even search for windows live writer alternative and keep on downloading windows live writer for windows 7 ,win8 or where ever supported.

How Exactly It Works?

Simply download windows live writer for word press, blogger or any other service and connect your blog. Now comes, What you can do more? Simply open it on your desktop and give title to your post and you can import media also which can be publish later. You can give style to your photos like border, many effects and many plugins are also available that makes windows live writer a awesome application for blogger uses.

Windows Live Writer is a programme of Windows Live Essentials, which includes windows live messenger, Mail, Writer, Photo gallery, Family safety, Toolbar, Movie maker, Office live Add-in and Microsoft Silverlight.


  • Spelling check
  • Can see you original blog look
  • Image manipulation
  • HTML tables
  • Create/edit and delete post right from dextop
  • Custom schedule posting at specific post
  • Add category directly
  • Manage author

And many more features but still if you need something which you don’t find in WLW , so don’t worry because there are thousands of plugin which will enable yours need.

Download it from Microsoft official site-Download WLW

Hope you will enjoy the post and happy using WLW and still if you find any problem in WLW then you are welcome to post you question in comments.

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