Why i Quitted PTC Sites and Why You Should To

PTC sites can be an eye candy for those people who are seeking an opportunity to earn online. Earning online is sweet way to get some extra money into your pocket. A beginner always starts his journey with PAID TO CLICK sites. He searches for opportunities to earn online and always ends up creating an account with various ptc sites.

This happened to me too. I Wasted too much time on PTC sites when i could be doing something useful and important. The whole idea of these types of websites are to get people to click an advertisement and give a small amount of revenue to the clickers. They keep their workers greedy by telling them different methods to get increase their earnings and buy referrals etc etc.

I used PTC site for a month and then i quitted it because of some great things that happened to me. And i am going to tell you the whole thing.

When I Started On PTC Sites !

In 2014 I started working on Paid to click websites to generate some online income. I was fascinated by a guide which told users that they could be generating a handsome sum of money from these websites just by repeating some simple steps. I instantly created an account on e2click as i though they were legit, i found all others scam and e2click was the only which was giving some good ad rates and referrals rate.

So i started working on e2click

. I clicked all ads daily and waited till i had enough balance to rent referrals. I would repeat the process day by day until finally i bought some referrals and then again after a week i bought more referrals. This went on and on.

I owned about 15 referrals and and i too clicked all ads daily. Well i did not manually do it. I was using a bot. But the surprising thing was that although my earnings were increasing, it still were not enough to gain a profit. All went to maintaining and trying to get some more referrals. Meanwhile i had a blog running on blogger which i did not really give attention to. So the work became hard and hard.

Now some days, i would leave most ads and click on only the primary ads. This became a burden on me since i was not making any real money and some dollars for a hard work was not going to pay it.

Why i Quitted PTC Sites !

During my PTC sites experiment, i also had a blog. I did not knew much about blogging then. I had a movies blog with blogger associated with a .tk domain. I was averaging about somewhere between 700-2000 Page views daily. Remember that these are not unique visitors, just page views.

After being disappointed by PTC Sites i though why not to put some ads on my blog since it is not doing me any good. So i inserted Popads.net into my website. Previously i used chitika and other networks but all made me zero $. I also promoted e2click banners on my blog to get some referrals but failed. So this time, i went with the Popads network. So i did that.

Now after a day, after clicking all my PTC site ads . I went to my popads dashboard. Previously i was making about 0.60$ per week with e2click for almost 2 months. But when i opened my popads dashboard i could not believed what i say 0.34$. And that was for just 1 day. The whole hard work i was turning into revenue for about 2 months and buying referrals only gave me 0.60$ per week. But my blog, my online movies blog was giving me the half of it in just one day .

This was really amazing for me. I started working on my website and the next day i did not click any ads.  Same for the next and next. So i quitted PTC Sites and started working on my blog. I will always be in debt. This blog gave me more than i could imagine. I bought my own premium .com domains, about 6 or 7 with monthly hostings from the revenues of a single website. So that was my whole why i quitted PTC sites.

So Why You Should To ?

Honestly speaking, if you are a paid clicker, i’ve been in your shoes. I know its very hard and the rewards are much less. I didn’t even had a single penny as a payout from my paid to click site.

So why you should quit PTC sites ?. It is not a longterm method of income, you will get bored of it, you will hate it, you will not generate any real income, you will be scammed most of the time, if your account is closed you will lose all your revenue but most of all. You could be spending your valuable time creating and managing your own blog.

The benefits of owing a website is that you will get a lot more. Look at me. I started from .blogspot.com domain, moved to a free .tk domain , got a premium .Com domain. I did not spent a single dime from my own pocket.

So take my advice. If you want to be a successful online earner. Invest some money and start a blog. If you cannot invest money for a blog then start a free on Blogger. Blogger is the best for beginners .

Over to You :

Now its over to you, whether you want to reap the rewards of hard work and less revenue or you want to be a millionaire like Pat Flynn, Neil Patel. Every one starts from the beginning and goes to the top. You have your whole future ahead of you. Take the best decision.

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