Who can change the world .com 30 years old

San Francisco:  information, exactly 30 years ago, and the Internet is changing the world. com domain extension is 30 years old on 15 March 1985 launched the world’s first symbulks com website ( ).

com domain anniversary

Internet was formally initiated for defense purposes and European Nuclear Research center ”sarn” was developed in the Internet can be seen as the father of Tim Burners-Lee, but why it was not possible without the domain name before 1991 could not dream of global Internet.

Com today’s thirtieth anniversary reminds us that even in this short period of upheaval caused by the amazing world of the Internet has changed. Only ten years ago, today’s websites have become a huge technology and applications, and apps name began to fade. The website for the small screen traps are now being developed for pocket devices.

Today it is impossible to imagine life without the Internet only in the US $ 300 billion in annual sales from the Internet, and the world of Internet business is growing to $ 1.3 trillion, the 3 billion people are connected to the Internet.

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