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The Way To End a Process in Command Prompt

Open task manager
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The Windows Task Manager may be a program designed to assist you management processes running on your pc. you’ll be able to produce and kill processes or perform different varied actions in Task Manager, however Task Manager would possibly generally be too little for what you wish to do. Some barred processes or frozen programs might not even terminate albeit you plan to kill them from Task Manager. after you encounter issues like these, you are not out of choices. A program in Windows referred to as electronic communication might help you. though electronic communication could seem primitive, it will perform varied actions than Task Manager cannot like killing stubborn processes. If you wish to kill a method on your pc using electronic communication, read on!

Open task manager

Open task manager

Viewing Processes presently Running on Your pc

Start Task Manager. Press the ^ Ctrl key, the ⇧ Shift key, and therefore the ⎋ Esc key in consecutive order at identical time to open Task Manager.

View the names of the running methodes and determine the problematic process. Click the Processes tab in Task Manager and realize the name of the method that you just need to kill.
Windows 8/8.1 users ought to click the main points tab.
If a program that’s presently running on your screen is frozen and you wish to kill it, a simple thanks to realize its name is to click the Applications tab (Processes tab in Windows 8/8.1), right click the window’s name, then click head to method (Go to details in Windows 8/8.1).
If the Task Manager window doesn’t show any tabs, double-click within the indicated house within the window to point out them.

Killing Processes presently Running on Your pc

Type electronic communication or cmd to go looking for electronic communication.
Start electronic communication as an Administrator. Right click the primary result that seems within the begin menu and click on Run as Administrator.
If a User Account management dialog seems, click affirmative thereon.

Type taskkill /f /im into electronic communication.
Space a minimum of once once finishing the previous step, type A punctuation mark, kind the name of the method you wish to kill, then kind another punctuation mark to prime it off.
Kill the method. Press the ↵ Enter key.
Command Prompt ought to show a message almost like SUCCESS: the method “example.exe” with inflammatory disease 0000 has been terminated.

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