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Founded in 2012,Vertoz is a leading programmatic agency that offers engaging and advance advertising and monetizing solutions. Their ingenious plex, proprietary technology and advanced capabilities empower a global roster of top advertisers and publishers all under one roof. They monetize traffic from all verticals and geographies to earn the best ROI for their customers. Their high flying traits include premium traffic quality, precise targeting, real-time tracking and detailed analytics. Their experienced Account Specialists and AdOps team outstandingly execute and implement advanced monetizing solutions tailored for each client.

On the advertiser front, they ensure that the ads reach the right audience and are targeted. They are able to run your ads across web, mobile, and mobile ads on multiple screens and platforms. Their quality publishers ensure relevant and scalable audience reach. They offer varied and comprehensive reporting and measurement panels.

Their offering include the following:

  • Display
  • Text
  •  Video
  • Search (XML) Feeds

Vertoz Ad Network Details

Type: Rev Share
Minimum Threshold: $ 100
Payment Frequency: NET 45
Payment Method: Paypal,  Wire
Based Country: US
Contact: Telephone: +1 (415) 300 4333
Email:[email protected]
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Vertoz Ad Network Payment Proof:
 Vertoz Ad Network Payment Proof

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