Useful Safety Tips For Girls Traveling Alone

  1. Crowd source your research
  2. For Airborne or couch surfing, only go places with A LOT of good reviews
    Make a local friend
  3. Give someone back home your itinerary
  4. Take pictures of all your documents and put them on a locked site like DropBox that
  5. you can access from any computer
  6. International phone plans are worth it for emergencies
  7. Consider travel insurance
  8. Schedule a regular check-in with someone back home
  9. Register with the U.S. Department of State
  10. Register with the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers (IAMAT)
  11. Pack light
  12. Have hard copies of your itinerary and important phone numbers with you at all times
  13. Don’t keep all your money in one place
  14. Genius tip: Store your extra cash in the bottom of a tampon or pad box. No one’s going to look in there
  15. Bring an external phone charger
  16. Try to dress like a local (or at least a long-time expat)
  17. In some places, it helps to wear a fake wedding ring
  18. Call ahead to see if your hostel or hotel has a locker or safe
  19. Consider a slash-proof bag
  20. Bring a portable door or window alarm
  21. Pack a thin one-piece bathing suit
  22. Carry a safety mechanism that you feel comfortable with
  23. Bring emergency contraception
  24. Bring a selfie stick
  25. Keep two hotel keys with you — one in your bag and one on your person
  26. If you order room service or something from a hotel, never identify that you are alone
  27. Leave the DO NOT DISTURB sign on your door and the TV on when you leave your hotel room
  28. Befriend female hotel/hostel employees
  29. Have the address of your hotel or hostel written down to hand to taxi drivers
  30. Arrange a private transfer from the airport when you arrive, especially if you’re arriving at night
  31. If you’re listening to music, don’t wear both headphones
  32. If you get lost, don’t look at your phone or a map in the middle of the street
  33. Spring for a GPS if you’re renting a car
  34. If you’re driving, fill up your gas tank when it’s half full to avoid running low when you’re in a sketchy area (or a place with no gas at all)
  35. Take your bag with you to the bathroom every time, even on buses and trains
  36. Always go in a train car that has other people in it
  37. Don’t sleep on trains.
  38. Build a financial cushion into your budget so you can take cabs when you feel unsafe walking
  39. Snap a picture of your cab’s license plate before you get in it
  40. When you’re in a car or walking home, make a real (or fake) phone call to say “Yep, I’m almost there. I’ll be there by XXX” so the driver thinks you are meeting someone at your destination
  41. Track your cab via Google Maps so you can tell if you’re going off route
  42. If you stop to buy tickets or anything where your attention is away, put your bag between your legs or in between your body and the counter instead of beside you

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