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Twinpine is a mobile advertising network reaching millions of Africans on mobile devices via the mobile web. They help brands and publishers run and manage tailored mobile advertising campaigns, enabling them to connect with the right audience, increase conversion rates and, ultimately, make the most of mobile. They currently works with several leading ad agencies, brands and publishers locally and internationally connecting them with their African audience delivering exceptional results for them.

Publishers: They assist publishers monetize their content by serving locally relevant ads, giving them higher net CPCs and providing technology-based initiatives to grow their inventory. Beyond monetizing well for publishers and developers, they focus on helping them achieve their aims such as growing reach, traffic and innovation on mobile. They help monetise content by ensuring that brands appearing on their site are relevant to its audience. This approach proves the value of their sites to blue-chip advertisers, meaning they are likely to invest more money in advertising. They pride Their selve in knowing the market well and this help them deliver better value to their partners. Their current publisher partners include the leading premium content publishers in several categories across key mobile markets. These partners are both local and international in key markets such as Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda and South Africa.

Advertisers: They provide advertisers with more than a channel for mobile advertising. Brands and advertisers by and large come from a world of traditional advertising – namely print, radio and TV. Online advertising changed the industry and just as brands and publishers were beginning to master the art of online, smart phone usage boomed and suddenly mobile advertising was the new ‘future of marketing’. With this in mind, advertisers need to work with experts who can advise on the best approach to ensure that they get the most out of mobile marketing. They provide insights, campaign strategy, recommendation on campaign optimization, rich analytics and more in the execution of campaigns with all of these coming at no extra charge to the advertiser. Each campaign they run is tailored specifically to individual customers. No two campaigns are the same – their work with MTN does not mirror projects with Nokia. This is why They assign account managers to act as consultants for each customer. They listen to what the customer needs, advise on the best approach, build a bespoke network to ensure ads reach the right audience and ultimately, take the pressure off their clients delivering impressive results in the process.

Twinpine Ad network Details

Type: mobile advertising
Minimum Threshold: N/A
Payment Frequency: N/A
Payment Method: N/A
Based Country: Nigeria
Contact: Telephone: +234 (1) 882 0414
Email:[email protected]
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