Top 8 Most Important Things About SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of influencing natural search results , so that the page you are trying to rank on particular keyword do appear in search Results. And because Google Safe search Algorithm wants quality search results for the user, they often change their Algorithm. Since the first safe search Algorithm “Google Hilton Update – Mid 2003” to the last Humming Bird update, google has always focus on the best quality content.

Here is the list of top 8 Most Important things about SEO.

1. The Words You use are Important

Every bit of word used in your article are very important. Google algorithm understand everything and probably they know better than anyone else in the wold what you are trying to write. Because Google Safe Search Algorithm use AI (Artificial Intelligence) they can think like real human and can easily detect the spammy contents, spammy words or any abusing things.

2. The Title of your Page are Important

This is actually the most important aspect of On Page Optimization. Basically title tags tell human and Search Engine Spiders, what the page is actually about. Make sure that your content do include your title tags / keywords. Title are best when they are approximately 65 Character long. And title must be unique of all the title used on your website.

3. The links pointing back to your website are important

This one is one of the most important things to be considered. Google love backlinks but they do not count useless and spammy backlinks. It’s better to have one best backlinks rather than 1000s of spammy forum profile links.

4. The Words used in the Links are important

Google hates anchor text like, ‘click here, click this, go here, click now etc.’. The more you describe about the links pointing to your website the better Google Search spider stands. So always keep in mind about this thing.

5. Your Ability to get pages into search engine index is important.

And yes, ability means you must be able to understand what and how google allows you to index. You must be able to write in a way google spider gives your content priority. The best way is to write the content in a way the reader loves it.

6. Your Reputation and credibility matters.

This is one of the most important things. You might have seen, the ‘Mashable’ post get indexed within the minute but the same news you have written before that is still not indexed. This is because of this factors. Google to think about your website reputation and credibility.

7. Social Media Matters.

Google love the post which are often shared on Social Sites. But make sure it must looks natural. For example if your blog post get shared 500 times on Facebook but only 5 times on Twitter it means you are doing spam. Almost equal proportional is better. 50 on Facebook and 45 on Twitter is bets than that of above case.

8.Freshness matters

And of course, every one love fresh and so is google spider. Make sure your post is fresh and unique.

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