How to bypass 2GB data limit on Reliance Jio Sim ! Trick to bypass Jio data Limit

Jio or Reliance Jio was a big boom in the market until people started using it !  There were few things about Jio and can be counted as  disadvantage is

  • Data limit [Limited to 2Gb, and 4Gb]
  • Voice Calls aren’t connecting

Don’t worry, People like you and me will never face an issue with these restrictions.

 Q. This trick is only for rooted devices of Unrooted devices also ?

For all the devices, which supports Free Jio sim. You can do on the new listed devices to get the Jio sim as well.

Requirements to Break the data limits of your Jio Sim

  • 4G LTE device
  • Activated Jio sim
  • Your interest

Now, Let’s begin

  1. Uninstall all the apps related to Jio Sim and Turn on Jio data connection. [Turn on your Jio mobile data]
  2. Download Jio old apk [Share of Facebook to download]
  3. Turn off Mobile data and Install Downloaded APK 
  4. Open Myjio app and click open [Just beside My Jio option]
  5. It says “No Internet Connection”, Click “SignUp”  and Turn on Jio Mobile data
  6. Complete the signup process [Fill your details along with you Jio sim no] and SignIn to your registered account!
  7. Next, Close the all running Jio apps and Install all the Jio apps Eg: Jio Join, Jio Play and etc from play store
  8. Open all the 10 apps you have installed before and close them. [for authentication]
  9. Now, Turn off your mobile internet and open MyJio app using open button  beside MyJio app lists.
  10. Now you will see “Get Jio Sim,Sign In,Sign Up”  screen.
  11. Click get Jio Sim
  12. Now you will see screen telling ” No internet connection”, Turn on Jio Mobile data
  13. Click back button in you device, You will get Sign In automatially.
  14. You will see a pop Up tellin , Unlimited calls and data.
  15. Click “submit“, You are done ! Congrats, Unlimited data is activate on your device!

Create a bootable USB flash drive for windows

How to Create USB bootable Drive Without Using Any Software help to install windows direct from usb very fast. To create a bootable USB drive manually, we need to use the Command Prompt as a Windows default program.

Bootable Usb making commands overview:

Open command prompt then 1. diskpart 2. list disk 3. select disk # 4. clean 5. create partition primary 6. select partition 1 7. active 8. format fs=fat32 9. assign

Step #1 go to search and type “cmd” and run as administrator a command prompt window will open in your desktop.

making usb bootable by enews

Step #2 As we will make usb bootable with diskpart command utility so type command “Diskpart” In the command prompt window.diskpart command guide by enews

Step #3 Now find the disks that you have installed on your computer for that just type command “list disk”.

list disk diskpart command by enews

Step #4 Now select usb dist from the displayed list of disk that are installed on your pc. to select disk type command “slect disk 1″ i have type disk 1 because my usb disk is 1 if you have many drives in your computer then you need to select your number of disk accordingly.

selecct disk command diskpart by enews

Step #5 Clean the usb drive by using Type command “clean” clean diskpart command by enews

Step #6 Next we are going to make partition bootable. Type command “create partition primary”

create partition primary

Step #7 Select new partition Type command “select partition 1” then press enter once partition selected then just type command “active”

select partition and active

Step #8 Format usb flash drive Type Command “format fs=fat32” it will take some time to format drive as it depends on the size of usb disk.

format fs=fat32 command

After the completing format of drive Type command “assign” to give drive later. and Type Command “Exit”

Step #9 Copy the operating system files into bootable flash drive. to make usb usable for installation of windows copy the installations files of windows disk into bootable usb drive. you simply copy and paste function of computer and you can use drop & drag function.

Reasons of low wi-fi speed

It was confirmed in a study that the high lights and other decorations electronic devices can be reason low speed of Wi-Fi.

The decor and furnishings lights and other electronic devices can affect the speed of Wi-Fi. The British communications company’s report said that if you want to take advantage of high-speed wi-fi, the lights and other electronic devices not only keep away from wi-fi router, but also avoiding unnecessary use of these substances.

According to a report emanating rays from the Wi-Fi router is affected due to these things, which failed to get the full speed of Wi-Fi. The report noted that the furniture in the house wiring also contribute to slow Wi-Fi.

To get the full speed of wi-fi follow a few precautions

Restart wi-fi router resolved low speed;

The report said that if the speed of Wi-Fi is facing disruption or if there is a low speed Wi-Fi router can be resolved by turn-off and restart.

Keep away wi-fi router from electronic devices to resolved low speed;

to get full speed of wi-fi router keep away from electronic devices used in the home electronic appliances including microwave, refrigerator, speaker and rays emanating from other devices interfere with the speed of Wi-Fi.

Place wi-fi router in the middle of the home;

Wi-Fi router should be place at that the center of your home because sometimes furniture and wiring  kept at the speed that causes disruption, so to get full speed of wi-fi place router at the center of the home.

Simple Trick To Run Android Apps On PC

Android applications access on PC and Mac Every One can run simply Android apps and even the Android apps on your windows computer. This allows you to use Android’s ecosystem of touch-based apps on touch-enabled Windows laptops and tablets, so it does make some sense. Of course, the process is clunker than just using Windows 8 apps.

During the Play Apps and games on android mobile battery draining very fast! Play android apps and android games on your PC to keep playing for long time.

There are many ways for to run android apps on Pc but here you will get premium trick about Blue Stack App Player. After installations blue stacks on your PC this will allows you to install/access android applications on your PC.

Download Blue Stacks To Install On Your PC And Play Android Apps On Your Computer

Full Guide To Run Android Apps & Games On PC

To use the BlueStacks app player, you must first download it from the above provided link of BlueStacks Official Website. After the complete of downloading run the BlueStacks app player installation file, and follow the on-screen Steps to complete the installation.

On completing installations BlueStacks, a video tutorial will show up to teach you how app player works. See in the picture provided, blue stacks window showing same like as your android phone.

Steps to Make Ready Your BlueStacks Android Apps Player

  1. Go To Settings
  2. Click On Add Account
  3. Choose “Google”
  4. If you already have google account then choose “Existing” otherwise “New”
  5. Follow The Provided Steps To Complete Process

bluestack screenshot

You will find Some Apps and games are pre-installed on bluestacks pc app, and some apps will showing as ready to download. Blue Stacks interface is same like android mobile interface, just drive it same like your new android mobile phone.

If You are having interest in getting more than a handful of apps on your PC so you can certainly use and enjoy them, BlueStacks App Player is the best option for you. It’s fast, blue stacks has Play Store access, and works on multi touch Windows devices. The setup is easy and it’s completely free.

Make Free US Virtual Mobile Number For Verification Purpose

Make free virtual number

Free of cost and receive your verification codes on your own virtual mobile number. Get free US virtual mobile number for Phone Verification. You need to read article carefully to make your own virtual mobile number on your personal computer but before doing that make sure, your ISP (internet service provider) is allowed you receive VOIP calls or you can not connect your virtual mobile number server. If Your ISP blocking VOIP, you need to use VPN/proxy.


To Setup Virtual Mobile Number on personal computer just make sure that Firewall Is Turn off, ISP Not Blocking VOIP Calls, Antivirus Is Deactivated.

Lets Start to setup your own Virtual Mobile Number!

Resolve ISP Problem Of Blocking VOIP

If your ISP blocking VOIP Calls so install any VPN (Virtual Private Network) software there are many Free and paid vpn services provider on the internet just choose one like me i am using HMA. if you want to use free vpn Zen Mate is best.

Get SIP (Session Initiation Protocol Service) Address

What is SIP So the short definitions is The (SIP) is an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard protocol for initiating an interactive user session.

Lest Search IP Telecommunications Portal, here i will use IPTEL is the home of the free SIP/IP Telephony service. To get SIP address click to the “Subscribe Button”  top right corner of website and give required details. 

iptel for virtual mobile number


After filling form you will get email from that will something like this. So confirm your account by click on link provided.

email snapshot of

Get Virtual Phone Number

There are many virtual phone number provider services which are allowing to receive calls Via IP. Here i am going to get virtual mobile number of United States to verify paypal account. Just Visit IPKALL Website they will assign US Number to receive calls.

Click Sign up and provide required details as you have received from in your email address as provided on picture below.

ipkall and iptel org registration

After submit you will get your virtual mobile number in your email address.

virtual number by ipkall

We have completed the procedure of making virtual mobile phone number now we need a software that will allow to receive calls on our Personal Computer. So i will recommend you to use X-Lite Powered by CounterPath.

Download X-Lite For Windows

Install X-Lite and open the program. Click on SoftPhone then go to Account settings menu. Here you need to provide all your info like User ID, Domain, Display Name Authorization name and password which you got in your email from IPKALL.

x-lite setting for softphone

Give User Details Like This:
User ID = SIP Phone Number
Domain = SIP Proxy
Password = Password
Display NameSIP Phone Number
Authorization name = SIP Phone Number
Proxy Address = SIP Proxy

That’s all enjoy your virtual Mobile Phone Number

How To Remove shortcut virus free from windows

How to Remove shortcut virus free from windows if your computer got infected when your folders missing, storage device missing, simply created shortcuts. follow the steps to remove virus from your computer.

  • Just open command prompt (CMD) – you can open from start menu or by using search bar.
open cmd to remove shortcut virus
open cmd to remove shortcut virus
  • Find out in which drive of your computer shortcut virus located. Open my computer it is only for windows 7 and below versions or win 7. you will find the drives.

Now go to CMD, type in the commands.

if the virus is located in F drive then you need to type (attrib-h-r-s / s / df: \ *.*.)

your drive is F deside the D simple this method will change it to where drive the virus is located.

  • H means that unhide files of drive W.
  • R  means that create files in drive w is free of read-only attribute.
  • S means that making all files on drive W will make sure again no file will be part of system.
  • F means w drive
  • *.*. means that all files ending in.

After  that press enter the process will take time as long as files are bigger. so please be stay on chair, you see c\:users on the cmd again appear. Now you can check you drives all the shortcut will be removed. you can scan your computer with eset nod 32 antivirus to remove shortcut virus.

Download Eset Nod 32 Antivirus to remove shortcut virus

Update your windows defender and scan you computer.

How To Increase Youtube Video Viewers

Everyone who is doing online earning by YouTube wants to increase YouTube video viewers. on the other hand some people have become well known, very famous by uploading videos on YouTube.

There are thousand of people in trouble due to views of YouTube video. Making the amazing video can not get increase YouTube video viewers. you need to use good description, share with peoples and follow the tips to make sure that your video is looks great.

Suitable Descriptions Of YouTube Video is very important to increase YouTube video viewers. you can set video name as example if your video is about “Car”  you can use it 1-Amazing Car, 2-New model Car.

Suitable Title Of YouTube Video Make sure that the video you are going to publish have a suitable title with video, if your video about “Mobile Model” then you can use it ” Samsung new mobile model 2015″. it will get more visitors.

Long Description is very important don’t ignore it some of the people ignore description, description is very helpful to get more visitor on your video. long description should be in two paragraphs.

Video Tag if you will make more relevant tag to the video then you will get more viewers when people search on google.make sure that make tag of keyword you have in title and first paragraph of description.

How To Write Urdu Poetry On Photo

Write urdu poetry on photo is very easy today i will show you how to write urdu , write urdu poetry, write urdu language on pictures. To write urdu on pictures we will get help from two software called as Inpage the second one is Coral Draw. Urdu inpage software having many variety of urdu styles. by using inpage we can write more the one styles. type urdu now o your computer. urdu learning course free of cost just watch the video and download provided free software.

Inpage Free Download Write urdu poetry on photo

Coral Draw 9 is very important software to make graphics, image graphics, logo making it have many tools to make better graphics so that we will use Coral Draw 9 to write in Urdu on pictures.

Free Coral Draw 9 Download Complete

Let’s Watch Video Tutorial of write urdu poetry on photo.


The Best Features Windows 10

Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 10 is being introduced tomorrow, July 29, the most free, most users will be able to upgrade and introduce several new features windows 10 that are hard to ignore. Microsoft’s Windows 10 tablets, desktop computers and other devices capable of operating in the same manner. Some of the best features windows 10 of this new system is not without interest to know about.

best new features windows 10

New Best Features Windows 10

Start Menu Feature Windows 10

Apparently it is a small thing, but Microsoft Windows 8 Start screen is removed from the Start menu and the customers were enraged by the severe criticism emerged. Windows 10 Start menu is back vigorously have been some changes. Embedded applications to open live tiles will appear in column format and an embedded search at once would make it easier to find the applications.

Cortana Feature Windows 10

Microsoft’s personal digital assistant will be familiar enough to those users who do not use Apple’s Siri or Google Now, but it is an important and significant. Cortana works on your desktop computer and the Web from your hard drive in the cloud and you can find anything on the Internet.

Microsoft Age Feature Windows 10

After saying goodbye to Microsoft Internet Explorer Web browser instead of Microsoft New Age as part of Windows 10 and is graphic rendering Web pages faster than Internet Explorer will open. Bang Pu search is built in the address bar, which you can also search on the Web by typing the address bar will appear automatically under the weather. In addition, and also something that could pose a threat to Google.

Quantum Feature Windows 10

Windows 10 automatically know any device screen size and the screen would display accordingly named quantum sensing feature. This smart phone on a large screen show any desktop mode, it automatically would move to the same PC, your phone will offer similar experience.

Windows 10 the same for all devices Feature Windows 10

This new operating system for phones and tablet computers like desktop notifications in the Settings menu, and it was even better than before and mobiles Windows 10 because it is the best thing to connect to the Skype video chat software iPhone app will be available in both software and messages.

Xbox apps Feature Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 for Xbox tried to create real social networks in which the services have been added. In terms of gaming, it’s like Facebook but to share the pictures will be focused on the games.

Windows holographic Feature Windows 10

Microsoft’s desire to take over the minds of consumers as the hologram they want to go to Mars or want to visit your country? You can do this through Windows holographic features windows 10 that this new operating system is a huge advantage.