Click Exchange Palringo Guide 2016

Posted On Mar 23 2016 by
Palringo trick enews udpate

I’m admin of enews update & I’m Here To Show You the premium trick Of Making $1500+ a month with Google Adsense or other ppc ad networks with palringo chat messenger! This e-book is short and sweet against other e-books it won’t include much fluff filler talk. Let’s get started shall we Things You’ll Need to Make Money Online With enews update Premium Palringo Trick: A Computer with a reliable ISP and dynamic IP. Palringo ( Google Chrome ( A Couple Hours a DAY! That’s it! Let go to Lear About Premium Palringo Trick of enews update To Make Money Online. Download Palringo Massenger For …

Top 10 Smart Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube 2016

Posted On Feb 29 2016 by
get more youtue sub

Video Content is driving the substance advertising at the time of composing; and after YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are focusing on feature advertisers by providing for them the best stage for facilitating features. YouTube is at present the main stage for Video blogging and promoting, and being a free and stage by Google it is adored by me and by numerous others including you. In the event that you happened to be one of the individuals who have a YouTube channel, I’m certain you must be considering how you can get more YouTube supporters of your channel and expand the …

5 Free Tips to Improve SEO on Your Site Today

Posted On Feb 28 2016 by
seo tips

Search Engine Optimization really does not involve a lot of money if you are willing to spend a little time everyday on your website. Getting your website indexed by a major search engine such as Google is something which can be done at a minimal cost if you follow the points mentioned below: Focus on high quality On-page SEO. On page SEO is work done on your website and the inner pages of your websites. The content on your pages must be original since Google and other search engines do not give duplicate content much importance. By adding new content …

How to get MasterCard VCC for Facebook

Posted On Feb 21 2016 by
MasterCard VCC for Facebook

Adding Virtual (VCC) credit card like (MasterCard or VISA) on Facebook to activate Facebook Ad account is being very tough these days. Facebook can easily detect the type of card your adding through the bin of the card and also Facebook can detect either the card is virtual or real, because of the virtual card bin is misused by people and finally Facebook is forced to blacklist that particular bin. So today in this post, i will reveal the new secrets where you can get unlimited VCC (Virtual Credit Card) for Facebook in legit ways. You can add this MasterCard …

Hack Subway Surfers to get unlimited Coins & Keys

Posted On Feb 18 2016 by
Subway Surfers to get unlimited Coins Keys

Don’t loose the pleasure of gaming by following hacking techniques. I personally don’t like hacking games for the purpose of score/coins. The below tutorial is just for informative purpose only. Requirements: Rooted Phone, Game killer App Download and install game killer from URL Below Follow the Below steps to hack the game 1.Launch game killer. Grant Root permission if it Asks. Minimize game killer once it opened. You can see game killer button on your screen once you minimize it. 2. Launch the Game You want to hack. 3. Start Playing game. Observe the score while playing. 4. Pause the game …

How to take a screen shot on Mac OS X?

Posted On Feb 18 2016 by
macbook pro screenshot

Now it is very easy to take screen shot on mac ( Macbook Pro, Macbook Air  or any other Macbook). Just follow the steps, Open you laptop, go to the desired location you want to take the screen shot. Now press Cmd+Shift+3 on your keyboard. The screen shot of your window is saved to your desktop. If you want to take screen shot on mac particular location of your window then follow the steps below Open you mac and goto ‘Launchpad’ Open the application ‘Grab‘ Select ‘Capture‘  and select ‘Selection‘ from drop down menu. Now drag the desired location on your window. Finally …

How to see the source code of a webpage?

Posted On Feb 18 2016 by

There are many information that can not be seen on web page front end. But if you want to know really whats happening if your open any web page you can inspect elements. For view purpose you can change any type in the page until the page reloaded and the same change you can do in back end. For example : Background color Font style & size Height & width of the page Alignment of any element in the page Padding of the page e.t.c To inspect element in Firefox, Chrome browser & Internet Explorer. Chrome: Chrome browser comes with default “Inspect Element” Option. You …

Enable gmail notifications for your device

Posted On Feb 18 2016 by
google gmail logo

Gmail notifications let you know when you have a new email. You’ll see a pop-up when a new message arrives so you can keep track of your mail even when you’re not looking at Gmail. Computer Sign in to you Google account. In the right top corner, click on the gear icon and select Settings. In the General tab scroll down to Desktop Notifications and choose one of the options: New mail notifications on: If you use inbox categories, you’ll only be notified about messages in Primary. Important mail notifications on: You’ll be notified about every incoming messages marked as important. Mail notifications off …

Download facebook videos with out any software to PC or laptop?

Posted On Feb 18 2016 by
download fb videos trick

To download your favourite videos on facebook to your laptop or PC Login to the facebook. Go to the URL in the address bar and replace www with m and click on the link. Click on the video it will start playing (facebook is shown here in mobile view). Now right click on the video and select Save video as option. Finally save it to your desired location. Here is an example link Original link : Modified link :

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