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This is the first review we’ve seen of Tesla’s Model X

Most Tesla Model X vehicles aren’t set to ship until next year but former Citrix CEO and longtime Tesla fan Mark Templeton got his hands on an early version of the Model X long before anyone else has and he’s written up a review of the car over at the website

In short, he absolutely adores the car and he says he likes driving it even more than he likes driving the Model S.

So what is it that sets the Model X apart? Among other things, he says it has a surprisingly large amount of storage space to use.

“It’s a sports car, a sedan, and an SUV,” he writes of the Model X. “The multi-purpose aspect of the X is stunning. The storage space is amazing.

In fact, the deep trunk allows two of the 34-inch rolling luggage pieces to stand side-by-side! Add the folding third row, it far exceeds SUVs of similar size.

The underseat space is great – more comfortable for passengers and added space for storage. The seats are by far the best of any vehicle I’ve owned – design, comfort and function. And, I love how the middle row sets tilt and slide.”

Other things he loves about the car include Tesla’s trademark fast acceleration (“Smooth, continuous, multi-G acceleration – pure joy at the tip of your foot!”) and the care with which the car’s “falcon wing” doors were designed (“The Falcon Wings pause when opening – taking a fail safe approach to avoid striking anything.”) In all, he’s very happy with his purchase.

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