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The risk of a crisis in the country and passports?

It is the Senate’s Standing Committee on Interior said Thursday during a briefing.

Directorate of Immigration and Passports recently appointed chief Usman Akhtar Bajwa said that due to non-payment of dues, Printing Corporation of Pakistan (PCP) from the supply of passport booklets could be stopped at any time.

He said his department on the PC have to pay dues of Rs 580 million.

The machine-readable passports (M R PS) are issued by 35 foreign missions and the monthly costs are approximately nine million.

The department throughout the year at 10 to 12 million and that they are awaiting supplementary grant foreign missions concerning dues.

Surcharges this time have reached 144 million.

Usman Akhtar Bajwa said he has met with Finance Secretary who promised to release funds from which they will be able to pay the dues of the Directorate.

Usman Akhtar Bajwa said the nationwide average daily sixteen to twenty thousand people have applied for passports and booklets annual requirement of 50 million.

The cost of this whole exercise is 1.7 billion, but the budget allocated for less than a billion.

He added that currently there are over 95 regional passport offices and the Directorate soon plans to open a further 73 offices.

But soon their machine-readable passports from 93 foreign missions will be made while the ajraءmmkn facility recently in Vancouver, Seoul, Stockholm, Ottawa, Istanbul, Damascus, Montreal and Barcelona have been introduced in the Pakistani missions.

He disclosed that between 2008 and 2014 to 8628 foreigners Pakistani passports were found.

He ajraءkmpyutrayzd of passports and ID cards to all those individuals who, because they were illegal.

Nadra Chairman Osman Yusuf told the committee that authority clear civil registration documents, travel documents, border control bio mytryk, motor vehicle registration and tracking systems, e-toll collection, online authentication, authentication systems and e-commerce based applications for issuance has developed a complex system.

He has developed a unique system based on family structure which every citizen will be able to identify and verify the routes.

Senator Rehman Malik in Islamabad Safe City Project, including the release of funds and the extent sought details of work completed.

He suggested that the Passport Directorate should work on its printing facility.

Friday’s meeting and then by DG FIA executive briefing will be given on the ongoing investigation.

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