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The Google Chrome Releases New Laptop Named As Pixels

Google Chrome Releases New Laptop Named As Pixels, Google Chrome with modern features more pixels Releases a new laptop. This new laptop High resolution touch screen, Intel Core Processor Five, Eight GB of RAM, this laptop USB charging standard, there is little new in the format, it will work on Google’s Chrome Operating System.

google chromebook pixel

google chromebook pixel

Screen images through which data can be transferred via the same port, the laptop’s screen resolution is said to be equivalent to Apple’s Retina display, or the high-resolution Retina display is a system, the screen image is much more natural and clear.

Google claims its new laptop battery can last up to twelve hours. According to Google users want to touch technology, we have adapted this technology to the laptop.

This is the first time that Google has developed to design his laptop itself and its main purpose is to give Apple a hard hit.

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