Adoptim Ad Network

Posted On Mar 9 2016 by
Adoptim Ad Network

Founded in 2007, AdOptim has been established by AdPerform to provide with tools and resources to improve users’ engagement and increase ROI. The benefits of their Display and Mobile experience of more than a decade. With their PPC network, they connect with advertisers who wants to reach targeted online audiences and with publishers who wants high quality advertisers to occupy their open ad positions. Their broad network is a vertical search engines with high traffic niche partner sites. They brings value, innovation and growth to your business. A range of Marketing and Advertising professionals have been working on new media technology to provide you with online …

GDM Digital Ad Network

Posted On Mar 9 2016 by
GDM Digital Ad Network

Founded in 2008,GDM is a biddable media agency. They help advertisers engage with their audience in real time, on a massive scale and across all connected devices. They have always been at the fore-front of performance trading and real-time biddable media. Their aim is to help advertisers get more efficiency from online campaigns. They are not a typical RTB trading platform. Rather than acting as a middleman in the digital landscape, they are a full service RTB specialist with bespoke, next generation technology at their disposal. They believe that the technology can only take their clients so far, it is the people that deliver the real results and their team of dedicated …

Sparc Media Adnetwork

Posted On Jan 31 2016 by
Sparc Media

Sparc Media Adentwork entered the world of advertising over 10 years ago. We have always been conscious of worldwide trends and pride ourselves on reacting quickly to them. This led to us becoming a specialist ad exchange buyer of display ads long before RTB, DSP, SSP, DMP were household abbreviations. We are now recognised as Australia’s leading Independent Trading Desk with over five years of experience running programmatic campaigns in a vast range of areas. Constantly putting our clients’ desires and requirements first, our resources and wide array of experience, our flexibility and the human touch we provide has led to us offering an incomparable …

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