7 Reasons Your Blog Needs to Be on Social Media

Posted On Feb 23 2016 by
7 Reasons Your Blog Needs to Be on Social Media

If you were to compile a list of things that frustrate bloggers, I’m pretty sure that social media would make the list. Not only is social media incredibly time consuming, but all of the constant algorithm changes make it a very unpredictable and oftentimes frustrating platform. Add in all of the new platforms emerging on a regular basis and it’s not hard to see why bloggers frequently wonder if social media is even worth it anymore. Don’t cancel all of your accounts just yet, however. Social media may be frustrating, but it can’t simply be ignored. Here are seven reasons why your …

Why i Quitted PTC Sites and Why You Should To

Posted On Feb 23 2016 by
ptc to blogger

PTC sites can be an eye candy for those people who are seeking an opportunity to earn online. Earning online is sweet way to get some extra money into your pocket. A beginner always starts his journey with PAID TO CLICK sites. He searches for opportunities to earn online and always ends up creating an account with various ptc sites. This happened to me too. I Wasted too much time on PTC sites when i could be doing something useful and important. The whole idea of these types of websites are to get people to click an advertisement and give a …

Consider choosing quality over quantity

Posted On Feb 19 2016 by
quantity or quality

Free Money Finance has started up a new blog carnival that turns its back on quantity.  The Best of Money Carnival, by definition, is limited to only ten posts each week.  FMF even throws in some perqs:  $1,000 donated to charity for the best post of the year and for the best host of the year, plus ten automatic entries into his wildly popular Personal Finance March Madness competition. This is refreshing.  A lot of blog carnivals are becoming nothing more than link dumps.  Hosts have had it, and managers have had it. Some of the advantages of a limited-post, …

An unfortunate reality of hosting a blog carnival

Posted On Feb 19 2016 by

The larger benefit goes to the people who submit to the carnivals rather than to the people who put forth all of the effort to host them. A number of bloggers I respect have figured this out already, and they’re fairly reluctant to host a carnival anymore. They understand the benefit of regular submission to blog carnivals: free backlinks. The host gets a few things out of the carnival, mainly a little bit of traffic over the course of the week that they host the carnival, and a bit of exposure for their blog. The people who submit to the carnival …

Are You Ready For Create a Blog?

Posted On Feb 19 2016 by
are you create blog

This blog contains  Are You Ready For Create a Blog . So you think to start blogging to make you online visible and wants to be a blogging Super Star. Gain the easy revenue on the web, do what you cherish, motivate individuals and work just a couple of hours a day? I knew the same felling because i also gone through from this stage.The excitement is absolutely there, to make a successful Poupler BLOG. A few bloggers think its gonna be simple, that you will need to just simply apply a few strategies and computerize everything.. At that point the …

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