AdYolk Ad Network

Posted On Mar 13 2016 by
AdYolk Ad Network

AdYolk is a CPM Ad Network. Their aim is to fulfill overall advertisers & publishers desires. They provide publishers an opportunity to monetize their websites & blogs with their high paying ads, whereas advertisers can reach their targeted audience by promoting their products on top quality websites. They deliver only high paying ads from top brands which ensure that you earn maximum revenue from your traffic. It offers up to 100% fill rate which further ensures that you will be paid for all your traffic. They do not accept adult content websites, so, if you are looking to monetize your adult content websites then this is not …

Danari Media Ad Network

Posted On Mar 9 2016 by
Danari Media Ad Network

Danari Media is the most intelligent XML feed network in the industry, delivering more than 12 million clicks per day. Their diverse marketplace is comprised of hundreds of advertiser feeds and serves as a premier destination for Web publishers looking to monetize their traffic. Their aim is simple: to provide publishers and advertisers with highly intuitive ASP technology that maximizes their revenue potential. They are a high-energy group that believes in delivering outstanding results to their clients and having fun along the way. They are in rapid-growth mode and always looking for talented people to help them expand their business. They are available by phone, email, video and instant …

Adslot Ad Network

Posted On Mar 4 2016 by
Adslot Ad Network

Adslot is a leading global provider of trading technology for premium online display media. Their media trading desk automates the manual processes associated with the planning and buying of premium display. whilst automating much of the order acceptance. fulfillment and processing for publishers. This automation translates to significant benefits for both buyers and sellers in the form of material efficiency gains, organisational scalability and reduction of operating cost. Publishers can free their sales teams to spend more time establishing high value relationships. whilst buyers can access a market of known publishers. known price and known availability,. and purchase guaranteed inventory in real …

AXPInteractive Ad Network

Posted On Mar 3 2016 by
AXPInteractive Ad Network

AXPInteractive know your customers and more importantly know where to find them and how to reach them. Whether it is through editorial print coverage or communicating directly with them on Twitter, They exposes more customers to your campaigns in the right place, at the right time.  Their account teams consist of persistent, experienced people whose biggest strength is achieving results in both mainstream and social advertising – ultimately helping you achieve your goal in the broad world of advertising. They make your ad campaign. Publishers: Their aim is to provide you with the greatest revenue opportunities for your Internet properties. With their vast advertiser base, publishers find it …

Flex Marketing Group Ad Network

Posted On Feb 4 2016 by
Flex Marketing Group Ad Network

Flex Marketing Group is an experienced and advanced solutions provider for businesses finding ways to maximize revenues. Flex Marketing Group was founded in 2004 and is headquartered directly above Columbus Circle in New York City. They apply traditional values to cutting edge technology in serving great service to our clients. Their expertise spans all areas of direct response marketing. This includes providing innovative advertising formats, campaign setup, quality assurance and trafficking, as well as insight from reporting and research. Their team of campaign managers provide full-service solutions for your business. No matter how wide or narrow your needs, thier team is here to help you achieve your marketing goals, step by step. Their experienced, …

Search Anyway Ad Network

Posted On Jan 27 2016 by
Search Anyway

Search Anyway ad network is one of the Internet’s hottest Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engines with a reputation for reliability and a proven trackrecord of earning results. We have been in the online marketing industry for more than 10 years, and our Affiliate Program is renowned for its far-reaching benefits and high-caliber webmasters. Our aim is simple  to bring targeted web traffic to our advertisers and to help our Affiliates to increase their revenue potential. Our employees are highly knowledgeable with many years of technical and business experience, offering you with first-class customer support. We are constantly expanding our horizons and searching for …

SwitchAds Ad Network

Posted On Jan 26 2016 by

Launched in 2013, SwitchAds ad network is a division of Switch Concepts, the UK’s fastest growing technology agency. SwitchAds monetises over 9 billion impressions for publishers every month and has experienced double digit growth, month-on-month since launch. SwitchAds is a one stop platform for publishers, connecting you with premium advertisers, media agency spend and all of the major ad networks in one simple to use ad trading desk. Focussing on the needs of small and medium sized digital publishers, the SwitchAds web platform was designed from the ground up to supercharge publisher revenue for sites with up to 10 million …

Whirl Click Ad Network

Posted On Jan 26 2016 by
Whirl Click

Whirl Click is an online ad network helping advertisers reach a global audience and connecting publishers with thousands of advertisers. With a 100% fill rate Whirl Click will allow publishers to get the most out of their ad serving. Publishers: Whirl Click is an easy to use system where publishers can sell their ad inventory to a broad array of competing advertisers. Through Whirl Click: Publishers can maximize revenue for their ad space, Increase fill rate for their ad space, Find advertisers for hard to fill geo’s. Advertisers:  Whirl Click is easy to use. You can advertise your products, websites, etc with Whirl Click. Reach the …

H12-Media Ad Network

Posted On Jan 25 2016 by

H12-Media is a agency that concentrate on some rich kind of advertising banner models for publishers and advertisement companies. They are giving two different services to two different partnership models, Publishers & Agencies. Publishers: our purpose is increasing their revenues from their websites. They are trying to do this by offering them some creative ways such as sliding banners, fixed position banners or on-video banners. While boosting their revenues with these models, They also provide standard banner types such as 468×60, 728×90, 300×250 etc. While doing this job, we provide weekly payments for our publishers in order to create a confidence between them. We are looking for long term …

viaCPM Ad Network

Posted On Jan 25 2016 by

viacpm ad network Founded in late 2006, advertising network was established to meet the growing need for interactive communication on the web. To date, it has touched over 218 million unique visitors in the world and distributed more than 32 billion banner ads. viaCPM Network Details Type: CPM Minimum Threshold: € 40 Payment Frequency: Monthly payments Payment Method: Paypal, Skrill (Moneybooker) or Wire transfer Based Country: FRANCE Contact: Email: [email protected] Join This Network

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