Suzuki Mehran is currently the foremost cheap family car within the country. Pak Suzuki Motors Company is liable for the manufacture and assembly of this vehicle in Pakistan.

The Suzuki Mehran car was introduced within the market for the primary time in 1989. Over a period of those 24 years, the specifications of Mehran stay virtually identical. So, you are doing not see abundant modification within the vehicle in 2014.

4-Stroke Engine

Mehran contains a four stroke cycle engine that is water cooled. the facility generated by this machine is fairly enough for providing the passengers with a swish and pleasant riding expertise.

Commendable Speed and Safety

The maximum speed which may be earned by a driver during this automotive is a hundred thirty km/h. this is often quite enough for family journeys to get pleasure from a quick ride and keep inside a secure regulation at identical time. The transition from zero to sixty km/hour takes solely thirteen seconds that is commendable for alittle Mehran with a mean engine.

Price issue

Suzuki Mehran worth in Pakistan is inside a variety of approximately five to six hundred thousand rupees. despite the fact that, there’s nothing luxuriant concerning this very simple vehicle, its affordability is that the main issue that contributes towards its quality. Even a middle-class citizen will build their dream of possessing a private vehicle return true by buying this tiny vehicle with increased Suzuki Mehran options.

Extended Mileage

Mehran offers eighteen metric linear unit road mileage and sixteen metric linear unit town mileage. With a completely system manual transmission system, the suzuki car runs pretty swimmingly even on the rough roads of the country.

5-Gear Transmission

The Suzuki Car has five gears, four for forward drive and one for reverse. Therefore, you’ll draw near to four levels of speed. However, Mehran isn’t obtainable with an automatic transmission system as that may raise the price of the suzuki mehran car.

Available Versions

At present, Suzuki’s Mehran is available with two versions: Mehran VX Eruo II and Mehran VXR monetary unit II. The latter is that the costlier model of Mehran with a worth of slightly over 0.5 1,000,000. On the opposite hand, the VX euro II model prices but its relation. This distinction in worth is attributable to the else options found within the VXR version.


Suzuki’s Mehran is manufactured with a hatchback body-build. it’s alittle vehicle that measures 129.9 inches long with a dimension and height of fifty five.3 inches and fifty five.5 inches, severally. The distance is eighty five.6 inches in diameter whereas the car’s turning radius is up to four.4 meters. so as to find out additional concerning the outward outlook, you {are|you’re} herewith suggested to only have a look at the Suzuki Mehran footage that are obtainable everywhere the net.

Basic Interior

The interior isn’t as spacious as alternative hatchbacks by Suzuki, like Alto and cult. Mehran could be a car that is factory-made with alittle budget. it’s due to this reason that nothing quite basic options ought to be expected from this tiny and low price car.

Bottom Line

As the car remains unqualified for over a amount of twenty four years, some patrons think about it to be outdated and unattractive among alternative advanced vehicles within the market nowadays. On the opposite hand, Suzuki Mehran worth still makes it in style within the eyes of variety of potential patrons who are seeking a reliable vehicle to satisfy their transportation wants.

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