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Established in December 2012, Sublime Skinz is the leading skin based digital advertising agency, specialising in the distribution and performance of skin-based advertising, with a clear aim to maximize Advertiser Impact, brand Lift and ROI, as well as publisher revenues.

The logic behind our business model is genetic from a wealth of experience. Co-founders All previously ran businesses in digital marketing, online advertising and Internet growth hacking for more than ten years before creating Sublime Skinz.

Having a network integrated with over 3 000+ websites globally, reaching hundreds of millions of Internet Users each month, we are driving amazing and impactful campaigns through to execution, quickly, efficiently, at scale and providing our partners with actionable statistics and insights on campaigns performances.

Sublime Skinz Network Details
Type: CPM
Minimum Threshold: 50 Euros
Payment Frequency: Net 60
Payment Method: Check, Wire
Based Country: France
Contact: Telephone: 0981775850
Email:[email protected]
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