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State Bank Of Pakistan Introduced New Coin Rs 5

The State Bank of Pakistan has introduced new coin Rs 5, from October 2015 coin will circulate in the market. According to the Central Bank amounting to new coin rs 5 diameter of 18.5 mm and its weight is about 3 grams, the coin copper, zinc and nickel, the mixture is cast.

Specifications of Pakistani New 2015 Rs. 5 Coin

Weight of Rs 5 Coin is 5 Gram
Diameter of Rs 5 Coin is 18.5 mm
Mixture of metals: Copper, Zinc, Nickel

New Rs 5 coin 2015

Pakistani New Rs 5 Coin Introduced

On the upper side of the coin of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan are same as old coins, are engraved on the year and the two wheat crop.

On the back side of the coin Bouquet of flowers and five corners star also worth is written in numbers and words. State Bank that says the new coin will circulate in the market from October 15, but the utility will continue with the old Coin.

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