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By joining their free Partner Program, Splut can offer you various ways of making your site pay, and drive more traffic to your website for free, and with minimal effort on your part.

Context Sensitive Adverts   – Add content, make money: An easy way to display relevant adverts of all sizes on your website and generate income. They do all the hard work by examining the content your web pages and showing ads most relevant and most likely to maximize your earnings. More info.
Keyword Adverts    – Targeted content, revenue generating: Integrate keyword targeted listings in your website based on keywords of your demand and generate income from clicks. Very simple to integrate in your site, with just one line of HTML.

Splut Ad Network Details

Type: Pay Per UK Click
Minimum Threshold: £10
Payment Frequency: Request
Payment Method: UK cheque
Based Country: UK
Contact: Telephone: 01327 844099
Email: [email protected]
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