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Spillads Ad Network

Spillads is a new advertising network innovating the internet traffic industry. Spillads enables you to Attain maximum ROI with complete bidding options. Make your bid and watch it perform. With RTB you and other advertisers can make the proper adjustments to your campaigns for the best results.

Choose multiple campaign targeting options. Select & Target certain Geos,Browsers,languages. For perfect targeting options for your campaign. Only a ($25) Deposit Required to start your first campaign. After setup, within hours you can see the volume, clicks, and conversions straight to your website. Simply grow your website/brand.

Spillads Features:  Spillads not only protect your login credentials, but we also protect your money. With Secure SSL Technology;Spillads has realtime reporting as a primary feature. This is very crucial for our publishers & advertisers to make the proper execution with Spillads; Targeted traffic to help both our advertisers & publishers to help better their results in both of their ways indivudally.

Spillads Network Details
Type: CPM
Minimum Threshold: $ 50
Payment Frequency:
Payment Method: Paypal
Based Country: US
Contact: Telephone: (865) 323-2920
Email: [email protected]
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