Speed Up Smartphone Internet

Speed up smartphone internet If you are tired of slow Internet and want to do something to change the situation, eNews update give you here are seven tips that you may help to speed up the Internet.

People on the Internet most of the time watching movies, listening or talking to your loved ones However, if speed slow the Internet to use, it is bad taste.

Speed Up Smartphone Internet

Boot smartphone internet speed with using 7 tips of enews update

Change of Internet Settings

If your smartphone supports 4G, turn default settings of the 4G to 3G so that it could get better network. Inside your mobile network settings, go to Settings you can make this change in the process.

Test Internet Speed Accelerator Apps

Use applications that are claim to accelerate the internet speed and similar. Here we recommend you use the cost free apps with high ratings. Some of these apps are Internet Booster and Optimizer, Free Internet Booster and 3G Speed ​​Booster.

Clean Smartphone cache

Keep clean the cache of your smartphone. Some phones already exist cache cleaner such as cleaners, but if you do not install it in your phone Play Store as C Cleaner application can be downloaded.

Install The Best Browser

Download such a browser which have better reviews. Spend a little time on apps store choose the best browser as your requirement. In the beginning of the new browser may seem a little difficult, but once you understand the function was possible so that you will feel better speed Internet.

Close Background Running Apps

Before the use of internet turn off the background running apps. This not only improves the speed of your Internet, your mobile phone will work even better.

Close Auto Update Feature

Close auto update feature of less important apps and keep on options of only when Wi-Fi connectivity.

Be wary of Third-Party Apps That Use The Internet

Third-party apps that use the Internet, should be investigated thoroughly before installing apps because it’s behind the Internet using your Internet speed can cause slow. So any new app install them through settings or settings that can be changed, the No Route Firewall is also helpful app.

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