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Smart-phone abuse, psychological problems and is giving birth and more

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Karachi:  If you frequent check your smartphone? It is also likely that you through your smart phone to social networking sites updates will be cut from the world?

Smart-phone abuse, psychological problems and is giving birth and more

Smart-phone abuse, psychological problems and is giving birth and more

Smartphone before you sleep through the night from his posts and updates the krnazrury Check yadn consider various times over, the smart phone battery phone charging nzrasmart concerned opportunity to fledge search do If any of these behavior has become part of your temperament and fast-to-day activities you developed countries of the world rapidly growing use of smart phones have suffered undue lt”numufubya”myn.

Smartphone Experts on social psychological addiction of jaastamal ‘Naumov phobia’ named as ‘the’ ‘no mobile phone phobia’ is an acronym. In the US The current study divulged that sylulrfun to use 90% of American citizens from the 58% smart phone users have overwhelming smartphone psychological relationship are tied in this relationship, Naumov phobia ‘name given researchers The fubyamyn have read most of the younger generation, the symptoms of mental disorder, the affected person away from the smartphone to appear immediately in case of nervousness, anxiety, lack of attention to some afradas mgalty mbtlarhty that his phone rang.

According to experts, mobile phone rings. Kamgalth numubayl fubyasy is dangerous is called the cell phone uaybrysn sndrm.American University of Connecticut School of Medicine daktrdyud Greenfield says that mobile phone addiction (addiction) is like any other ltun kurygulyt brain disorder of the neurotransmitters Dopamine is a result of regulation under which the affected person to such actions which motivates him to prioritize where life satisfaction is sky.tyknalujy there any use of technology in society originate complications.

The jaastamal smartphone addiction is similar social complexity which only the individual but also ardgrdrhny turprasmart phone addiction mbtlasarf living people suffer and mobile phone use hyn.antrnyt addictive effects upon human life Research in the UK in early 2010 the world’s most developed countries in this regard, the finding in the survey proved to be valid, the Pakistan fast trend in the use of smart phones is booming.

Industry sources used in the country’s overall mobile phones, smartphones ratio of 10% exceeds is now smart phone via social media and networking websites every time the focus while keeping the fingers to have the younger generation has the status of Pakistani society. also private events, parties, meet friends, schools, offices, business meetings or even ignore the people sitting sfrbhy durbythy go through the social media links from unknown people prefer having negative effects on society, which has been under normal are.

In China to save children from Internet addiction recovery hyn.amrykamyn special mrakzqaym been divulged in the recent research that iPads, smartphones and other devices evil bulletin for individuals currently using gold prtuqaat is even more harmful health effects.

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