Sarfraz Ahmed made the opening address complicated issues

Lahore:  Sarfraz Ahmed Nasir Jamshed opening solved the longstanding problem of the continued failure of the team Ross was later decided to try them.

According to the World Cup and the Pakistani openers early 4 matches overall 22 runs contributions made, Mohammad Hafeez injury after a particularly squad included massive opener picture of helplessness remained good base not available from a middle-order Also unusual is depressed, the management was not fit for the opening Sarfraz Ahmed  been around so he proved everyone wrong guesses, South Africa after the match against Ireland they are also compared.

Sarfraz solved the matter

Sarfraz solved the matter

In the event wicket-keeper batsman scored a century against Pakistan, the former captain also very impressed with his play, he wrote in an exclusive column for ICC hall Sarfraz Ahmed was not included the team could not create a better combination, as soon as the specialist to understand the key decisions of the players were successfully positive results started coming in, 7 batsman feed is the result of negative thinking.

5 bowlers aim to incorporate the team’s mood offensive is said Sarfraz Ahmed, an opener excellent playing middle-order good basis to provide the fully raised, scoreboard Maintaining their skills, see the former captain Javed Miandad memories are fresh in mind, whenever a player consistently scored singles and doubles bowlers are concerned.The opportunity to unfold the batsman’s weaknesses and do not get discouraged.

The former captain said Mohammad Irfan played its part, in the absence , Adil did not feel that they are playing career first World Cup match, then Pakistan’s bowlers to use the old ball no answer not.

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