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Reasons of low wi-fi speed

It was confirmed in a study that the high lights and other decorations electronic devices can be reason low speed of Wi-Fi.

The decor and furnishings lights and other electronic devices can affect the speed of Wi-Fi. The British communications company’s report said that if you want to take advantage of high-speed wi-fi, the lights and other electronic devices not only keep away from wi-fi router, but also avoiding unnecessary use of these substances.

According to a report emanating rays from the Wi-Fi router is affected due to these things, which failed to get the full speed of Wi-Fi. The report noted that the furniture in the house wiring also contribute to slow Wi-Fi.

To get the full speed of wi-fi follow a few precautions

Restart wi-fi router resolved low speed;

The report said that if the speed of Wi-Fi is facing disruption or if there is a low speed Wi-Fi router can be resolved by turn-off and restart.

Keep away wi-fi router from electronic devices to resolved low speed;

to get full speed of wi-fi router keep away from electronic devices used in the home electronic appliances including microwave, refrigerator, speaker and rays emanating from other devices interfere with the speed of Wi-Fi.

Place wi-fi router in the middle of the home;

Wi-Fi router should be place at that the center of your home because sometimes furniture and wiring  kept at the speed that causes disruption, so to get full speed of wi-fi place router at the center of the home.

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