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QualiBid is an innovative, secure and cost efficient PPC bidding system, designed to drive quality traffic to your web site. Their unique bidding management, analytics and click-fraud detection features will significantly increase your online sales while maximizing the ROI of your online marketing budget. They were designed as a powerful alternative to existing PPC advertising networks like Google Ad-words and Bing / Yahoo Ad-Center. They will provide you with the top quality, genuine and highly targeted search engine traffic at a lower cost combined with unparalleled flexibility in terms of optimizing and fine-tuning you ads and campaigns.

Publishers: Generous Revenue Share of 60-70% ,Reliable Payments Without Any Hold ,Proven Ability to Monetize Any Traffic ,Optimized & Relevant Search Results,Best Bid Prices within the PPC Industry ,Completely Brandable Search Engine ,Real-Time Stats To Measure Revenue ,Personalized Customer/Tech Support.

Advertisers: A wide network of traffic sources providing millions of searches each day ,In-house developed click-fraud detection system ,Mobile and / or non-mobile traffic ,Advanced conversion tracking ,Comprehensive bidding management tools,Advanced analytics and tracking tools ,Dedicated customer support, Bids lower than Google, 7search, etc,Minimum bid as low as US $0.01 ,Fractional bids up to tenths of a cent ,Campaigns from as little as US $5 .

QualiBid Ad Network Details

Type: PPC
Minimum Threshold: $ 10
Payment Frequency: NET 15
Payment Method: Paypal,Check, Wire, Webmoney, Fethard
Based Country: CA
Contact: Telephone: (514) 731 7328
Email:[email protected]%20
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