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Private plane crash in London, close relatives of Osama bin Laden killed 2

london osamma
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London:  South London private plane crash that killed 4 people killed Osama bin Laden, are believed to have close relatives.

london osamma

According to foreign news agency bin Laden family in South London private plane shortly after it took off from the airport near the car fell on the barn in which 4 people were killed when the plane including the pilot were killed Osama bin Laden’s stepmother and sister included.

The British police spokeswoman said the pilot of the private plane was carrying 4 people who did not survive the accident.

Immediately after the accident without identifying the bodies Saudi ambassador to Britain, Prince Mohammad bin Nawaf Saud his official Twitter account to express sympathy with the families, said the Saudi Embassy together with the British authorities to investigate the accident Saudi Arabia and the bodies have been contacts began to move.

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