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PlayAd launched in February 2009 and is today one of the largest and fastest growing independent network for video advertising online.They are a digital media company with a complete solution for online video.Their motivation and daily focus is to make common with their advertisers to make online advertising better.Together with their advertisers, they then start ca.200 conducted campaigns of varying sizes.
They have 4 established and proven ad format for their product portfolio as they are always updating with new features.They believe the future of all forms of advertising success is about creating commitment among the target group. Therefore, they allow the user to actively choose to interact with the campaigns of their ad formats. It allow them to offer their advertisers a 100% engaged audience.

PlayAd Ad Network Details

Type: vCPM, CPV
Minimum Threshold: N/A
Payment Frequency: N/A
Payment Method: N/A
Based Country: Sweden
Contact: Telephone: +46 8 667 11 47
Email:[email protected]
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