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OnScroll is a an ad technology platform which enables publishers, networks and agencies to serve viewable only inventory. We are an ad technology company. We concentrate on redefining the way in which the industry values and trades advertising. We work with all sides of the industry – buy, sell and tech. Our headquarters are in London.

Today, ad pricing is based on perceived value, ad positioning on legacy assumptions and campaigns evaluated on broken attribution models. As we progress towards the age of programmatic marketing, we need to evolve the metrics used in media decision making. OnScroll is leading this movement and is developing the future’s currencies of evaluation. Everything we build has the same base aim  to boost the overall quality and effectiveness of online ads.

OnScroll Network Details
Type: CPM, Revenue Share
Minimum Threshold: £50
Payment Frequency: Net 60
Payment Method: Paypal, Wire
Based Country: United Kingdom
Contact: Telephone: +44 (0)20 7199 6238
Email:[email protected]
[email protected]
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