One Simple Way to Bring Thousands of New Visitors to Your Site

Have you ever submitted a guest post to another site? If not, you are missing out on a fantastic way to bring a huge amount of new traffic to your blog. In fact, guest posting is one of my favorite ways to bring in a lot of great traffic quickly, although, admittedly, I don’t do it as often as I should. (Working on that!)

While the thought of guest posting may seem overwhelming if you are barely keeping up with the content for your own blog, if you are working hard to increase your traffic, guest posting will more than make up for the time it takes–especially if you choose the right site.

My Guest Post at

Back in November, I wrote a guest post for a pretty popular site, Not only did my traffic spike the day that the post went live, but it spikes again and again each time Erin shares my guest post on her social media channels.

Over the last few months, I’ve had over 2,400 visitors to my blog, just from her site alone. And not only that, by when she shared my post on Facebook and tagged my Facebook page, I got a couple hundred new Facebook fans as well. Not bad for writing one post…

Three Reasons You Need to Start Guest Posting Today

1. It Brings in a Lot of New Traffic

Sure, not every guest post will bring you tons of traffic. I’ve written other guest posts that only brought me just over 100 views as well as a couple that were never even accepted at all. Still, when you combine an awesome article with the perfect site for it, the results can be incredible.

2. The Effects are Long-Lasting

When I first submitted my guest post to, I figured I would have a good amount of traffic the day it went live, but I didn’t even think about all of the traffic I would get after the fact, every time she shares the post on social media. While I can’t count on always getting big bursts of traffic on any kind of predictable schedule, it’s nice that even though I don’t need to do ANY more work with the post, it is still bringing me additional traffic.

3. It Will Improve Your Writing

While submitting guest posts to blogging friends is pretty easy, getting published on huge sites is far more difficult. Not only do you have to have excellent content (and often, connections), but you have to make sure that your content fits in with their guidelines as well.

While this process can be time-consuming and frustrating, it will inevitably strengthen your writing more than you can imagine. You’ll go over your posts with a fine-toothed comb, read lots of examples of other quality writing on the site to make sure yours is a good fit, and submit your very best work. Do this a few times and your own content is bound to improve.

Have you ever submitted a guest post before? Did you see much traffic from it? Where do you hope to guest post in the future?

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