NATO friendly fire 11 Afghan policemen Killed

Kandahar province of Afghanistan, US planes ‘friendly fire’ resulted in 11 Afghan police officers were killed.

AFP news agency quoted a spokesman for the Afghan Interior Ministry on Sunday that the military action by NATO forces, however, another official of the Interior Ministry officials did not confirm the incident.

Interior Ministry deputy spokesman Najib Danish told AFP that 11 officers of the Anti-Narcotics Force Helmand province, foreign troops have been killed and 4 were wounded in the air strikes.

The Anti-Narcotics Force spokesman confirmed the death toll, however, denied that the attack was on whose side.

NATO said in a statement issued by his side did not take any action in Helmand on Sunday.

Although Afghanistan has been the ability of the army air force and in this regard the Ministry of Defence refused to comment.

The 13-year-long war in December 2014 after the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan but also training local forces and to help 12 thousand 500 foreign troops are present in Afghanistan.

Famous for the opium trade in some districts of Helmand province, the Taliban takeover of the NATO forces in recent weeks, the operations here are laid off.

Earlier this year, the Afghan Taliban and increasingly the intensity can be judged from the fact that in the first four months of this year more than a thousand civilians have been killed, while hundreds have been killed, the number of personnel.

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