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Nasa said no world ending in september

nasa said no world ending
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New York: If you are worried that the news circulating on the Internet next month in the case of an asteroid to Earth Hour is the good news that NASA has punctured the balloon.

NASA has confirmed that next month the possibility of any asteroid colliding with the earth, not really happen until the next hundred years, the risk is zero percent.

The various posts and blogs on the Internet, there were rumors that the next month of an asteroid collided with Earth during the September 28 to 15, not only Rico, including the United States and parts of Mexico to the Pacific Central and South America But now NASA which drowned in his official statement.

NASA’s Near Earth goods department manager Paul codazzi no scientific basis for such speculation, has not presented any evidence regarding an asteroid collided with Earth next month or certain celestial bodies is causing damage.

The destruction was so great that I would be coming ualasyarch we have seen so far are a part of.

This is not the first time that NASA ‘resurrection’ rumors are spreading poured cold water on the enthusiasm assy similar rumors before the 2012 US space agency said.

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