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MyLikes assists maximize your value from social media. Their aim is to revolutionize social publishing and advertising to be relevant, entertaining and valuable. As an active social media publisher or influencer you can quickly create a mobile-social web friendly app where you can share relevant and engaging content with your audience. They efficiently monetizes the social content you share, ensuring that you maximize your monthly revenue as you grow your audience.

Publishers: Their mission is to revolutionize social publishing and advertising and bring an algorithmic, big-data and machine learning based approach to the space. By enabling publishers to share extremely personalized, viral and relevant content with their audiences they struggle to make everyone’s social experience entertaining and informative. Their social ads are designed to evolve advertising into something consumers find useful and relevant and not something to avoid and put up with. More than 5 million social publishers use them to entertain and inform their audiences, and generate revenue.

Advertisers: For advertisers who want to make the most out of social media, They make it super simple to launch a campaign and drive millions of relevant clicks and customers in minutes. Their data analytics desk combined with real-time machine learning algorithms ensure that they realize the true potential of social advertising. By operating across multiple social platforms, they are able to reach more than 1.5 billion users. If you are a digital advertiser looking for engaged traffic, or a social publisher with an audience, They are the solution for you!

MyLikes Ad Network Details

Type: Video,Tweet,Blog post
Minimum Threshold: $ 2
Payment Frequency: weekly
Payment Method: Paypal,Amazon Gift cards
Based Country: US
Contact: Telephone:
Email:[email protected]
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MyLikes Ad Network Payment Proof:
MyLikes Ad Network Payment Proof

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