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MOTDgd Ltd is a UK company, and we are proud to be the leading game ad network in the marketspace. Our proven success strategy and process helps us to insure client satisfaction and measurable results.

Publishers:  Through our network and our partners we help advertisers connect with over  2,000 in-game PC publishers, and Web Publishers.

Our network creats a simple solution that offers publishers, pre-roll video advertising, with the use of a sophisticated ad serving system. By utilising this technology, we can insure only the most responsive and best paying adverts are shown to a publisher, at any given time, compliments to our intelligent waterfall approach, effective yield-optimization and our global presence.

Our solution offers publishers the benefit of excellent CPMs and simple integration.

Advertisers:  Through our network and our partners we help advertisers connect with thousands of publishers.

Video pre-roll advertising available inside popular PC games, such as: Minecraft, Counter-strike: Source, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Garry’s Mod & more.

We give advertisers the power to control and monitor their campaign with a great degree of accuracy, thanks to our highly customised reporting system. Get all the statistics you need, to learn how your adverts are performing.

Our model is CPM based therefore, we charge our advertisers per 1,000 video impressions, for maximum flexibility. We measure quality with a primary focus on solid CTRs (click through rates). All quotes are personalised to reflect specific campaigns and individual requirements.

No budget is too large or too small.

MOTDgd Network Details
Type: CPM
Minimum Threshold: $ 1
Payment Frequency: NET 60 & Early payment option
Payment Method: Paypal, Wire
Based Country: UK
Contact:  skype:live:motdgd
Email: [email protected]
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