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Written by eNews Update a new service launched October 2014 has developed a new way to make money for online marketers and website owners. By combining the awesome capabilities of link shortnening with the awesome super converting Interstitial Ads format is battling up with a new way to increase your impressions and make money.

Features & Benefits:

Seamless WordPress Integration – Use their free WordPress Integrator plugin to instantly convert your blog/website links into money making links.
Advanced URL Tracking – track your clicks, find out which are performing better, where your users are coming from and make money alone the way! PRO Feature (highly recommended!!) – Control your Interstitial monetization. Once you upgrade to pro will let you add your own affiliate links / URL’s / Pop ad tags so that you can display your ads to your users and keep 100% of your profits!

Ideas for ways to use:

Shorten all of your internal/external website URL’s Shorten specific links and share on social networks / bookmarking sites Shorten links and track their performance when submitting articles / guest posts on blogs.

Monetize your current click paths with up-sale/down-sale offers as an interstitial ad.

Monetize your current click paths of cross promotion

Integrate and start selling all those additional Full Page Ad impressions to your direct advertisers

Don’t wait for the prices to rise – signup now and start making money right away!


CLK.IM Network Details
Type Adnetwork: Performance CPM  / Shorten Links
Payment Threshold: $ $25
Payment Conditions: Net 30
Payment Method: paypal, payza and wire
Country Based: Israel
Contact: Email:

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