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Mars Media Group – Throughout the years, MMG has expanded its activities, and now performs in various areas in the online market world. Internet Technologies, Performance Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Advertising and Affiliate Marketing are only some of our everyday activities. Today, we offer comprehensive solutions and services to publishers and advertisers who wish to get top-quality results, utilizing the most powerful media channels and tools available. The online world never stops changing, so we constantly adapt, perform accordingly and deliver results.


When the ever growing majority of mobile users value their mobile devices more than their wallets, one begins to realize the true potential of mobile advertisement. In Mobilda, MMG‘s mobile division, we spotted this potential almost a decade ago and worked diligently ever since to maximize it. Our mobile activity has significantly grown since then, and is now considered to be a leading force in the industry, helping mobile developers to fulfill their user acquisition and monetization strategies.


Email marketing is one of the most popular advertising methods nowadays. About 122 billion emails are sent every hour, and the numbers only keep on growing. Our Email marketing division specializes in delivering advanced solutions for businesses with high volume campaigns. When done well, Email marketing can be a great source of revenue and it is improtant to have a proffesional partner that knows how to do it smart and efficient, playing by all the right rules.


Online social games are a great niche for engaging with new users. The hours spent on games by many users make gaming an extremely powerful advertising channel. MMG is connected to leading social game publishers, providing advertisers with the hottest spots available, along with advanced targeting options. These expertise acuired during years of activity by MMG performance experts, helps advertisers reach the right audience, get the right impact, and deliver results.


With hundreds of millions daily online users, alongside the ever-increasing popularity of online video websites, Video Marketing is one of the most important advertising channels. Mars Video, MMG’s Video Division, supplies real-time reporting, innovative distribution solutions, and a dedicated in house creative team. With our professional technology-driven tools and accumulated knowhow at your disposal, you can be sure you are on top of the Video Marketing game.


It is amazing how friendlier the internet has turned to be. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn help users to connect and communicate. Going social is a must, and doing it right can provide you with a great communication channel between you and your audience. Leveraging advanced technology, targeting methods, and marketing strategies, MMG offers the most powerful solution in the market, designed especially for allowing you to take full advantage of the social channel.


With more than 2 billion impressions per month, you are most likely to get a true value for your advertising needs. Affiliate Marketing is one of the key foundations of Performance Marketing, and as such, we can offer you a variety of models to match your specific needs. MMG manages a powerful affiliate network, creating a platform from which both advertisers and publishers can benefit.


Display advertising has evolved a lot over the years, still being the main Channel for both Branding and Performance online.
The technologies nowadays enable this medium to be much more targeted and efficient than ever before. MMG spotted this trend in the market in 2010, constantly developing its Proprietary technology for RTB and Programmatic media buying. Our unique and advanced prediction algorithms allow us to efficiently automate the optimization through Billions of daily requests.

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Minimum Threshold: $ 0
Payment Frequency: Net 30
Payment Method: Paypal, Wire
Based Country: Israel
Contact: Telephone: 972-73-2322400
Email:[email protected]
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