Make Money With Daily Deals Sites In Pakistan

Making online money in Pakistan without investment is now very much possible as now payoneer american bank providing services of withdraw monty in pakistani banks. This was very hard before but now we can earn $$$$ of dollars via online business ideas in Pakistan specially for students. Some years back when started my online earning career thing was quit different. Online money making looks to be impossible in Pakistan with such few options and less payment processors support. The huge problem of making money on the internet is lot of numbers of scam websites which are hurting the online business industry all over the world and in Pakistan. People who are scammed by these websites never come back and hence we lost a precious customer.

daily deals in paksitan

Today most of people believe that make money online in Pakistan is not easy today and nothing can be earn from the internet. But let me inform you that these people must have to move on their minds as many people in Pakistan are making money online as much as that they don’t even need to do 9 to 5 jobs.

How to Make Online Money in Pakistan Easily

There are lot of methods through which we can earn money online. One method is stock marketing in which we will buy stocks online from the online stock market at low price and then sell stock at a high price. We have to open an online stock exchange account in Pakistan with the amount of RS. 25,000/- and we can start trading this called online trading. We can also buy shares more than the cash value that we have in our account.

Daily Deal Tips

  • This method of earning is not get rich scheme or free method to earn money. We need to invest some money, if you are new in the online money making world so be careful.
  • We need to search the product that has more potential but we can also get decent profit. One example is mobile or smartphones, food like pizza or burgers, cosmetics item etc.
  • We can set the item selling limit like 100 to 1000 or even more. This will hugely increase your profit margin.
  • We don’t have to promote the site or our product. It’s that much easy and with the comfort of your home.

Make Money From VPS – 11 Methods

I have seen hell lot of searches asking How to earn from vps or How to make money from vps thus here I posted all the 11 famous methods to make money from a vps. Bear in mind that you can’t just make $05+ daily, unless you have a lot of VPS. This post can cover every type of methods.

The first issue to do is to buy for the VPS from a legit seller. You can buy trial VPS if you’ve got less money to begin or you only need to check on how to work with VPS. always look the Trade with Caution section before shopping for.

100% Working Tricks – How To Make Money From VPS

Famous Method: PTP (Paid to Promote)

paid to promote make money from vps

PTP is that the most used method to make money online. You earn by running traffic exchange on your VPS day an night and than promote a special link. PTP with rate of $1.50/1000 impressions also are high paying.

Selling Accounts

selling accounts make money from vps

You can keep running HitLeap or OTOHits on your VPS. They each can give high quality views. you can create some of accounts, earn minutes/points on them and sell them. you’ll be able to do this with any traffic exchange.

Selling Traffic

selling traffic make money from vps

Instead of selling whole accounts, you’ll be able to just earn minutes/points on one account. when you accumulate lots of points then you’ll be able to sell views/traffic for advertising  online or something else purpose. $0.2/1000 views is that the rate starting price but it’s all up to your would like.

Renting resources

Renting resources make money from vps

You can run a software that utilize your idle system resources and provides you money. One of the foremost famous one is Slicify. a lot of VPS providers prohibit it however you can use it. i like to recommend to not store your personal information in it as somebody will get access to that. Another one is that the recently launched Ziddu Pay App.

Web Hosting Game servers

Host game servers like counter strike ones and Minecraft “be aware that Minecraft servers require a lot of RAM Memory” and sell it or you can make “own Game servers hosting company“.


This is only profitable if you buy VPS in bulk. Suppose you bought a VPS for $4 for one month, you’ll be able to sell it for $5 for 20 days (If its worth It) and simply make back the money you invested. after twenty days, you’ll be able to use it for yourself by using it for any of the methods listed here.

Web Hosting

You can either host your own web site or sell somebody web hosting on your server. this can be really done only by the people that have good knowledge of languages (Java,HTML NOT English) and computers. it might indirectly profit you, however you will be able to show ads on your web site (If it’s common enough) otherwise you can sell web hosting (If you have enough resources).


You can run differing kinds of bots of different varieties of sites. The good thing about these is that you will run a lot of bots within the background while performing other things. a lot of good bots are offered on many forums just for free. Again, this may indirectly profit you. you’ll be able to run the rogue Bots which can bring humongous money in exchange for what you set in it. For more enquiry, contact rogue.

FTP servers

Make FTP servers and sell them.


minning on vps to make money from vps

You can mine Bitcoin, Dogecoin or any other cryptocurrency on your VPS. Most VPS providers do not allow mining. Mining is considered cpu abuse and your VPS might go down because of it. you ought to verify that if your VPS supports mining.


This would not directly make you money. Brute-Forcing archives and networks is a practice done by a fraction of individuals. They take money to crack a password and run Brute-Force on their VPS’s. this could get your VPS closed. highly Use with caution.

You can perform some of methods along to form enough cash for starting. The trick within the starting ought to be that you just a minimum of recover what you endowed, and create little profits. Invest the profits to generate more money from vps. And you’ll grow.

Sell Photos Online To Make Money

How to sell photos online if you love photography, get paid for your pictures. Using internet everyone can sell photos and images online as long as they meet the quality standards set by your online stock-photo agencies. There are some ways of selling photos online that we will discuss in this article but before this lets go to review of photo selling complete method.

Sell Photos Online
There are many website where everyone can sell photos online
  1. Be sure that you have copyright sale rights for work, copy or sell
  2. Choose Stock Photo agencies / Online Place where you want to sell your photos
  3. After Selected an agency, register your account 
  4. Please be sure before uploading photos and images, You are understand their requirements 

If you want to start selling online photos, you can search buyers on places like Istock Photo and Creative Market.

Follow a special Tip to get success in photo selling online

  1. Try to make good photos but don’t think that your photos are not good just give it a try you will get success soon.
  2. There are no limit required in variety of photos go ahead, don’t stop your work till you will be a professional photographer.
  3. Selling Selfies online is very famous in these days, if you have great personality and look nice, great you can sell your selfies too.

Make Money Online – Find Online Jobs Of Wide Variety

There are many places where you can find online jobs to make money online from home if you are looking for providing admin or technical support to someone on the internet. just take the step to browse and select one which is suit to you.

Make Money Online - Find Online Jobs Of Wide Variety
A wide variety of businesses employ at home and online employees.

What Places are Providing Online Jobs On the internet?

One of the best online jobs place is oDesk where clients post jobs with detail on oDesk on the other side job seekers like me and you can take on work. There are most projects are related to home base jobs as called online jobs to make money online.

There are many categories of work such as software and web development jobs, writing assignments jobs, proof reading jobs and business development jobs. So it will depend on you to choose a jobs that suit to you.

Freelancer is one of the most famous online jobs related website,  on this place the type of work is “Hire Expert Freelancers For Your Online Job”

Similar Place to make money online from home is eLance this one is a largest community for up-work. One of the best benefit of home base online jobs is Zero headaches.

Same as above a biggest market place of wide variety of online jobs is Fiverr. On the fiverr you can find jobs / projects about Graphics  and designing online jobs, online marketing online jobs, witting and translation online jobs,  video & Animation online jobs, Music & Audio Online jobs, Programming & Tech Online Jobs etc.

After all the question of all readers is What type of skill required to get online job?

To find online jobs of wide variety the skill requirement depended on job that you selected. browse the jobs from the jobs place and see the skill required in.

Make Money posting ads/affiliate on craigslist

Make Money Online all of craigslist is a classified website you can earn with affiliate links. Use your affiliate link and post an ad on craigslist to earn money by posting on craigslist.

What is craigslist, Basic of make money posting ads on craigslist: Start from getting a link from affiliates and then promote it via craigslist classified ad posting service. Read some tips and tricks of e news update to get success, can be help full to avoid of ad block on craigslist.

Posting Affiliate Links On Craigslist
Promote Affiliate Links On Craigslist

Get Affiliate Link

There are thousand of companies providing affiliates programs but i suggest to work with Commission Junction or Click Bank.

How to Get Affiliate Link From Click Bank

After Opening Click Bank if you have already an account with click bank, sign into you affiliate account and click on the Marketplace Menu somewhere on the website page can be find easily.

There are many categories to promote products, can be browse and search menu also available to get product by using keyword.

To choose a product click Promote Button on the product a popup will appear to click create button,  affiliate link will be generated automatically by click on the Create Button.

How to Get Affiliate Link From Commission Junction

Sign to and then go to Advertisers Menu, On the left side you can find categories and search bar to find you product to promote.

Click on Get link button to get affiliate link a new page will load where you can see link and ad dimensions. Choose you interested link and follow the provided steps.

How To Post Ad On Craigslist

How to use craigslist: Open click for sale link, new page will load then click on post link, Choose the category in which do you want to post ad and click continue. Then choose your classified ad geographic area where you want to advertise you affiliate product then continue.

In the post description box paste you Affiliate link of click bank or Commission Junction or you use ever. You can change “Click Here” from your affiliate HTML link as you want.

Provide other ad details Like as the Craigslist Post Title, Price Of Product, your email address and text that describes the product and why the person should buy it. Upload Images of product by using Add Images button/link, You can add four images.

Click on the Continue Button you will get review of ad, then click again continue button you will get an email from in which then will send you confirmation link to post ad on craigslist. Click on the link your ads will go live on the craigslist.

Download Top Secrets of Ebook Money Earning

Download Top Secrets of Ebook Money Earning download. free secret of ebook money earning just download attached book free not detail required not formalities just read and earn online. Ebook money earning is now very easy daily work only 2 hours you will earn thousand of dollars yearly. The Secret To Earning Earn $100,000+ per Year While Working Only Two Hours Per Day is in pdf file 2 hours read time. its time to read ebook about how to make 100k from home per year.

download ebook

How To Make Money Online With Blogging

How to make money Online from home as Blogger? Every one know that internet is spreading very fast all around the world. So that’s why the question is very common question of the world “How to make money online”.

All type of internet users like bloggers, job holders, social media users, Students, especially house-wives are looking the way to earn money online by using internet from home. Make money using internet is good idea to earn money against wasting time on other activities.

Make Money Online With Blogging
Blogging door if open to earn online for every one

Actually people needs true information about how to earn money by using internet, on the internet some of information is fake some of provided incomplete. be careful there are many scammers on the online world working to trap people who don’t know much about computer and internet usage.

Most of people gone trapped in scam, finding the way to earn money online by some scammer.

There are many ways to earn money online, blogging is one of them millions of people earning money with blogging from home by using right usage of internet.

The key to success is hard-work but in blogging you should not need to know how much you will earn, just enjoy your work and some of your hard work required, be-leave you will got success soon.

Blogging Is Good Way To Make Money Online

Do You have Blog? How You Can Make Money From Your Blog As Blogger:

There is very best known method to make money online is blogging, as a professional blogger to get nice income (money) from internet is good job from home. We all using internet and visits many type of blogs by using google search. When we surf blogs every one easily see advertisements on blogs. First concept is someone running campaign of his / her brand on blog. So its clear that blog owner earning some amount by advertisement.

Now time to take step into blogging:

Need to search some free blog sites on the internet many free blog sites are available by using that site every one can easily make a setup of blog. The most famous blogging site is google blogspot

Important Thing To Be a Professional Blogger: Realize what type of interest/hobby do you have. You must need to write on you interested topic so that you will make great content (as great content as great income).

Get visitors on your blog:  when you reach the limit of 100 visitors daily on you blog you can paste advertisement (ads tags) of various companies.

My recommendation is google Adsense ads should be paste on your blog for nice earning as i am too doing with adsense ads on What amount can earn with Google Adsense? its very good way to earn money according to latest servay report google getting 95% revenue by Adword and adsense.

There are many ad networks providing ads;  Click ad (CPC Find CPC Ad Networks) Impression Ads (CPM Find CPM Ad Networks) Call Per Action Ads (CPA Find CPA Ad Networks) Like Yahoo,, d’arrience, adperium, Sonital, adhexa, propellerads, Bidvertiser, BidCPM etc.

Need To Get Some Skill As Successful Professional Blogger:

  1. Language: Need good command of language in-which you want to write content of blog.
  2. Interest Base: Choose topic of your interest base topic or simply i want to say write in interesting way so that you content will be share able, read able.
  3. Seo & Basic Web Language: You will be a professional blogger when you skilled in search engine optimizations (SEO) and basic coding of blog tag, href tag, head tag, body tag.

How Much I Can Earn With Blogging?

Estimated, if your blog have 1500 visitors you can earn 2$ to 40$ per day. it will also depend on your blog traffic. if we talk about united state’s bloggers they are earning thousands of dollar monthly, Canadian bloggers and united kingdom’s bloggers same like united stat’s bloggers.

How students can make money online

If you are wasting your time in other activities like other students in online games, social networks, chatting, video watching etc. Whenever i think about my past i feel really bad, i waste my years of time on other actives.

My some friends are still wasting time but they are empty handed. So i recommend you to start earning online from home. Here i will let you know how students, teen ages, house wives, job less persons, can earn money online from home.

Online Earning Ways For Students In Pakistan
Most Easiest way for Students to earn online from home

Easy ways to make money by uploading videos

When ever we want to watch movie, video clip or want to find video tutorial our priority to visit YouTube. YouTube is a video website and most purpler and largest videos website of the world. So YouTube is best place to make money online for students. Make video, after uploading on YouTube you can monetize your videos to earn money online.

Freelance Writer

Write quality content, articles to earn decent money online is a very easy method. You will write for others, alternatives for house wives and students to earn money.

Find Job Of Data Entry

Data Entry job is one of the popular money making method which is very easy and a majority of internet users doing data entry work online to make money. In this type of work removing errors, correcting the format of articles, type to see picture word like as captcha etc.

Find Data Entry Jobs At Freelancer

Paid To Click:

Paid to click is a program in which you will visit webpages and click on the advertisements when you will click on advertisement you will get paid. some problems in this program are very less work like daily 4, 5 ads to click, click rate is very low.

Some paid to click companies giving referring programs by using these programs you can get commission 50% from each referrer.

Make Money Online With Google Adsense

If you own a website and blog and have a good traffic on it you can consider to show ads of Adsense on your blog. Adsense is a program of google for publishers. Google Adsense paying for CPC paid on click ads.

Get Free 10 Adsense Approval Tips

Earn Money By Playing Games

It is a program of game developers to test a game you will play game for hours and after playing game you will share your experience with game company.

You will share what you like in the game and what you dislike in the game. This is the strategy of market to check that what is the problems in the game and how to solve these problems.

Help Other By Solving Their Questions

By giving Answers of others questions to earn money using internet. if you have a good knowledge on one subject or in some subjects. In this work you will give answer to others with proper reason. There are many website and online places where you can find offers of questions & answers.

How to Make Money Online By Selling Adsense Starter Sites

For many newbies with Internet Marketing to make money online, they have too little time to spare, want to put too little time and effort into launching their niche site platform and are simply looking for whatever shortcuts they can find.

What Is Adsense Starter Sites

For theses types of people, they do not want to run keyword searches to try to find what sites will be good money earners. They do not wish to nail down what keywords in a given niche will make money and how much they might earn. They do not wish to setup a site from scratch. Instead, they are on the look out for cookie cutter solutions that will fill this need and the gap in their niche site portfolio.

make money adsense

There is therefore a separate and distinct option to sell websites, but not the way most people do it through Instead, we are not talking about mature web sites that are already making good money every month. Instead, we are talking about pre-researched, pre-made web sites where everything has been done for the buyer already. All you need to do is add in your Google Adsense code and then watch the money roll in.

How To Sell Adsense Starter Web site To Make Money Online

Such sites may only have a single article on the home page or perhaps inside there are five posts so that the site can be considered a mini site. But nothing larger than that. An Adsense Starter Site can be offered as a type of pre-made shell, selling for a fixed price like $50 to Earn Money, and then separately sell your writing services to offer additional content for an attractive price. The fixed price will cut out the negotiating and save time. With a good range of domains and niches on offer, you can turn this into a site factory where keywords are researched, domains are registered, sites are set up and writing is added. And all at affordable prices.

What is also interesting is that someone could outsource all of these services to either an individual person or specialists who each do their component parts. Someone is good at keyword research, and owns some good keyword software, so that’s their responsibility. Another person is a developer, so they make each site. And so on. Depending how you want to configure things, with enough start up capital and a willing audience, one stream of online income can be helping others get started with a package of sites. For some people, this is exactly what they have been looking for all along.