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Make Money Using Internet: Video Publisher on you-tube Channel

How to make money online by using you-tube channel is very easy now; All world well known with you tube because you-tube is a largest video sharing service of the world. 

earn money with youtube channel

Tube will show ads with your videos and share revenue with your

Now Stop Watching Videos of others, earn money online to make your own videos and upload on you-tube.

  • Capture video as you want small or big videos according to your user attraction.Capture short video clips using mobile phone, handy-cam, if you can afford professional camera it will give you better result or make slide show video using your favorite pictures/photos stuff.
  • If you can make animated video sure you can do it easily or make video tutorials for others on your interested topic in-which you have much interest ans skills.

After that upload your video on your you-tube channel and monetize your video with you-tube revenue share program. You-Tube will show ads with your videos and share revenue with your. 

What is you-tube video monetization?  In you-tube the term monetization is used to mean the ability to generate a revenue thorough your video stuff.

How to check you-tube channel’s eligibility and opt in for monetization.

  • Account’s settings, go to the monetization tab
  • Click Enable My Account
  • Follow the provided steps onscreen to accept the YouTube monetization agreement

What skills you need to work on you-tube? You need to know how to shoot video and well knowledge required to editing of video. 

How much money i can earn from you-tube Channel?

Very common question is how much money i can earn with you-tube channel. you can earn well money if you have millions of user subscriptions on your You-Tube channel and also depends on user interested videos.

Approximately! if you have 1 million user subscription on your channel you can earn minimum amount $200000 per month.

but you no need to worry if you do not have millions of user subscriptions, to earn online you-tube is very good way. just try and work hard you will get positive result.

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