Make Free US Virtual Mobile Number For Verification Purpose

Make free virtual number

Free of cost and receive your verification codes on your own virtual mobile number. Get free US virtual mobile number for Phone Verification. You need to read article carefully to make your own virtual mobile number on your personal computer but before doing that make sure, your ISP (internet service provider) is allowed you receive VOIP calls or you can not connect your virtual mobile number server. If Your ISP blocking VOIP, you need to use VPN/proxy.


To Setup Virtual Mobile Number on personal computer just make sure that Firewall Is Turn off, ISP Not Blocking VOIP Calls, Antivirus Is Deactivated.

Lets Start to setup your own Virtual Mobile Number!

Resolve ISP Problem Of Blocking VOIP

If your ISP blocking VOIP Calls so install any VPN (Virtual Private Network) software there are many Free and paid vpn services provider on the internet just choose one like me i am using HMA. if you want to use free vpn Zen Mate is best.

Get SIP (Session Initiation Protocol Service) Address

What is SIP So the short definitions is The (SIP) is an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard protocol for initiating an interactive user session.

Lest Search IP Telecommunications Portal, here i will use IPTEL is the home of the free SIP/IP Telephony service. To get SIP address click to the “Subscribe Button”  top right corner of website and give required details. 

iptel for virtual mobile number


After filling form you will get email from that will something like this. So confirm your account by click on link provided.

email snapshot of

Get Virtual Phone Number

There are many virtual phone number provider services which are allowing to receive calls Via IP. Here i am going to get virtual mobile number of United States to verify paypal account. Just Visit IPKALL Website they will assign US Number to receive calls.

Click Sign up and provide required details as you have received from in your email address as provided on picture below.

ipkall and iptel org registration

After submit you will get your virtual mobile number in your email address.

virtual number by ipkall

We have completed the procedure of making virtual mobile phone number now we need a software that will allow to receive calls on our Personal Computer. So i will recommend you to use X-Lite Powered by CounterPath.

Download X-Lite For Windows

Install X-Lite and open the program. Click on SoftPhone then go to Account settings menu. Here you need to provide all your info like User ID, Domain, Display Name Authorization name and password which you got in your email from IPKALL.

x-lite setting for softphone

Give User Details Like This:
User ID = SIP Phone Number
Domain = SIP Proxy
Password = Password
Display NameSIP Phone Number
Authorization name = SIP Phone Number
Proxy Address = SIP Proxy

That’s all enjoy your virtual Mobile Phone Number

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