logADS is a pop under advertising network that serves over 10 millions impressions per day.
We are a pop under network formed by a group of professionals with a solid and extensive expertise in the pop under advertising industry.

At logADS pop under network we focus on providing to all our clients the best results optimizing the advertising strategies: targeting channels , landing pages, campaign optimization etc.
Our professionals have years of experience in pop under advertising and we will help you with all you need to know.

logADS pop under network is in continuing development trying to cover both desktop and mobile advertising markets.

Publishers: Publishers are one of the two most important pieces of an ad network, together with the advertisers / campaigns. Because of this, we give our publishers the best service available on the market. At logADS advertising network publishers will have access to hundreds of advertisers and they will see a great variety of campaigns for almost all countries.

We Offer:  Premium advertisers,100% fill rate for pop under ads,Competitive rates for pop under ads,Exclusive market advise and dedicated account managers with years of experience on pop under ads market,Easy and timely payments(weekly, $20 minimum payout).

Advertisers: logADS ad network offers solutions on pop ads market that combine intelligence, logistics, analysis, and optimization not only for advertisers, but also for the ad networks, leading to the best possible results. Our constant challenge is converting visitors into buyers and with our technology we target your visitors more closely to the products or services you are marketing. We acquire our entire pop ads inventory directly from publishers, and advertisers can tag sites by site id. This allows us to better optimize our client’s campaigns.

 logADS ad network has the best options to monetize your pop ads campaign while insuring the best results. We are able to find top quality traffic for your campaign targeting a user base that will produce the best results. A campaign manager will be with you for each step of the way, optimizing the traffic, while keeping you updated on your campaigns with logADS ad network.

Our goal at logADS pop under network is to form long-term partnerships with publishers and advertisers from all niches and from all over the world.

logADS Network Details
Type: POP
Minimum Threshold: $ 10
Payment Frequency: Weekly
Payment Method: Paypal
Based Country: US
Contact: Email:[email protected]
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