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Karachi Se Lahore Full Movie Watch Online

Karachi Se Lahore Full Movie Watch Online – Every One mistreating to Zaeem for his entire life in karachi se lahore. When he realized thather cousin will marry to her cousin then he decides for stand up for himself in the whole life for first time and will go  out on the road to stop wedding.
Initial release: July 31, 2015
Director: Wajahat Rauf
Screenplay: Yasir Hussain
Story by: Wajahat Rauf
Music composed by: Shiraz Uppal, Ali Noor, Ali Hamza, Sur Darwaish
Cast: Aashir Wajahat and Rasheed Naz, Ahmed Ali, Eshita Syed, Javed Sheikh,Mantaha Tareen Maqsood, Yasir Hussain

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