Judicial Custody for Ayyan Ali Extended By Court

Custom officials arrested Ayyan from islamabad airport on March fourteen allegedly for money laundering. The model was caught with $500,000 that she was allegedly importing to dubai. As a result, she was sent on a 14-day judicial remand to Adiala jail.

Ayyan Ali money laundring

Ayyan Ali money laundring

Recently, city court on weekday ruled for the extension of supermodel Ayyan’s judicial remand until might 8. the reason behind the extension is that her life is at risk. The Police disclosed that Ayyan Ali’s life was in danger thus they need stepped up measures to beef up her security.

Ayyan Ali money laundring1

Ayyan Ali money laundring1

Ayyan’s professional conjointly objected that the bestowed charge-sheet bearing on her case was incomplete, whereby an entire map of the crime scene wasn’t provided. There are 2 a lot of suspects for the interrogation which has to be highlighted within the interim charge-sheet.

Ayyan Ali money laundring2

Despite of the issues being long-faced by the manakin, she appeared relax and happy throughout this section. Ayyan is wanting therefore effulgent with all this court procedures and conjointly noticed i dressed easy plain white dress at each hearing.

he is no a lot of camera back however she is photographed very confidently and place a giant smile on her face. Her presence at the court has attached many people. individuals are scampering to have a glance at her really. 3 people, in an exceedingly bid to get a better glimpse of the model, tripped and fell over the steps at intervals the court’s complicated.

Ayyan Ali money laundring3

Ayyan Ali money laundring3

Ayyan Ali has currently been shifted to another space inside the jail wherever she will be conducting a gathering with her professional beneath the direction of feminine police officers.

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