JETPACK: Your IP has been flagged for potential security violations

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Jetpack’s new protect created a small disturbance in the new WordPress blog owners. As i am a new blogger on WordPress, i got affected with this new protect feature of JETPACK protect module (new). JETPACK is a giving 3 to 4 solutions which does not work for me. JETPACK methods can be viewed by clicking by “Find out more” on blocked page of your WordPress. So by experimenting few things, i just found out an easy solution. So let’s try unblock our WordPress site in the most easiest way.

JETPACK Method 1 [Universal solution] : Doing it my way

If you cannot do by the given jetpack’s method you can go through this option or else you can directly also solve your problem. Lets see how to it as soon as possible. As the problem is mainly with the IP address.

  1. Install EPIC browser or else any VPN service .
    VPN services : (or) EPIC browser
  2. Enable the VPN (or) In the EPIC browser click on plugs in the search bar, so that it turns green and they become connected. I have shown this in the screen shot.
  3. Now visit http://yoursite/wp-admin.
  4. Enter your login details in the login panel.
  5. Go to JETPACK >> Settings >> Protect (search in the search bar).
  6. Click on PROTECT >>CONFIGURE >> ADD YOUR IP ADDRESS in the white list management.
  7. Click on SAVE to restore your WordPress blog.

You are now free from JETPACK’s new IP address problem.

Official JETPACK Method 2 :

As it is already said by JETPACK, you can get clear idea by visiting the below URL .

This method works only when you have access to and you permission to view your site. I will just explain in a brief way with simple few steps.

  1. Goto
  2. Click on MY SITES (select yours current domain).
  3. Select JETPACK.
  4. Find the PROTECT module and click on it.
  5. Enter into CONFIGURE mode and your IP address.
  6. Last step, click  on save.

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