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Indus Nexus is a premium online advertising agency focused entirely upon offering a seamless ad network, which can eventually work wonders for both advertisers and publishers. Our team consists of online advertising consultants along with skilled SEO professionals and content writers. Our team has researched and undertaken a worldwide online advertising study, and have come out with mind-blowing and right strategies for the benefit of both advertisers and publishers.

every advertiser’s concern is to maximize their conversion rate, and that can only happen when more and more users click on the ad posted on the web publisher’s site. This requires a structured and methodical process that can finally work wonders for the advertisers. Having a thorough knowledge on various worldwide industries and their functionalities, we have got a huge number of various websites, who are ready to develop their business through the wonderful platform of online ads.

If we look from the publisher’s point of view, they not only want to collaborate with the right advertisers, but also want to increase their revenues and increase the traffic of their website. We will help both advertisers and publishers understand CPM, CPC and CPA models in-depth so they can make out the maximum out of these revenue generating models. With the right optimization technologies set in place, we will offer a proper platform which can be highly good to the publishers to monitor and measure their ad performance.

Behavioral targeting, geo targeting, contextual and semantic advertising are some of the time tested methods that have given remarkable results over a period of time. We will help you understand these methods and then implement it for your benefit. Our ultimate aim is to provide utmost value to our customers, so that their ROI can be fully justified.

Indusnexus Network Details
Type: CPC /CPM
Minimum Threshold: $ 30
Payment Frequency: Net 30 / 15
Payment Method: Paypal, Wire
Based Country: US
Contact: Telephone: 1-703-249-2929
Email: [email protected]
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