India’s Atif Aslam Concert Cancelled protest

Acclaimed Pakistani singer Atif Aslam who has gained vast quality across borders has charmed several Indians and Pakistanis together with his melodious voice. The singer was set to perform during a concert in Pune, india on april 25, however changed his mind when Indian political party, controlled and threatens him. The leader Adesh Bandekar told Asian Age.

concert cancelled of atif aslam after protest

‘Shiv Sena’ threatened to take action if the event occurred. when the threat and strong opposition from India’s reactionist regional political party, Atif Aslam had to foor back.
Chitrapat Sena said “The neighboring country is causation terrorists to india, blasting bombs, offensive our Parliament, then however will we welcome their artistes.”

Organizer of the event Sanjay Sathe also showed agreement with Chitrapat Sena. additionally supported Adesh’s statement and told NDTV: “We are from the sector of arts, we wished to try to to it, then again the intention behind the cancellation is totally appropriate.

He additional added, “We shall perpetually stay loyal. As Balasaheb has said ‘Be loyal and place the state first’, and thereby, at the larger level we tend to had to cancel the show.”

Over one thousand tickets for the event had been sold, which is able to be refunded. surprisingly. it’s additionally expected that the organization has nonetheless to protest against Atif’s next performance scheduled in Ahmedabad on might ten.

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