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Indian Prime Minister dual-train crash in the state mourned

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Indian Prime Minister:  Killed in train accident in Madhya Pradesh on double deep sorrow expressed.

Prime Minister killed: Dual-train crash Train accident in Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday on double deep sorrow, expressed relief and rescue work, said officials are doing everything possible to try.

He tweeted, “the double train in Madhya Pradesh The accident is very sad. I’d mourned the deaths. I extend condolences to the families of the dead. ”

Officials said Wednesday that Mack swollen river crossing near Harda in Madhya Pradesh when two trains derailed, causing at least 24 passengers were killed.

West Central Public Relations Officer, Piyush Mathur said railway tracks being swept down the content of the Kamayani seven and three coaches of the express public and engine were derailed Tuesday night.

He also said in another tweet, “my prayers for the injured are together. Officials are trying everything possible to rescue.

The situation is being closely monitored. ” Relief operations are continuing. Both compartments of trains by the fall in the river, many travelers are likely to be trapped in the water.



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