Incredible Beauty Secrets Of Hollywood Beauties

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Los Angeles:  Hollywood Beauty Secrets beauties have emerged, some of which is hard to believe. For example, the type of Marilyn Monroe beauty of your lips with lipstick were given out at the corners between dark and light shades.

Beauty tips Tips Hollywood Beauties

Beauty tips Tips Hollywood Beauties

Audrey Hepburn was used to burn their eyebrows and unique to lengthen the Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly would pin it down on his cheeks pale and dark shades above were used.

Vivian Leigh realized that his lips are thin on the lipstick to magnify used to the extra lining.

Rita Hayworth hair wrapped in a towel after washing oil and then leave for 15 minutes and then do your hair washed with hot water and lemon juice does.

Greta Garbo his eyes to the more dramatic lashes were made with petroleum jelly. Keep your face to the West End of wine on the face of copra oil were slight.

Gloria Swanson to maintain its beauty never used to eat fresh vegetables. Ingrid Bergman as much make-up that would require the forehead, but his hair was removes a degree by centimeter.

Sophia Loren your skin’s natural glow to maintain olive oil was used.

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