How to Redirect Blogger to Custom Sub Domain?

Blogger is a free blog platform from the Google which allows you to build your blog. You can signup on to start blogging. Everyone get their custom and unique blog url in the format But we can even forward our blogspot url to our custom url, i.e we can redirect the blogger to our custom domain and sub domain if we own a domain name. You can buy a custom domain name from the Google or any other place as you wish.

In this article we will help you to forward/redirect your blogger url i.e blogspot to custom sub domain URL.

What do i need for redirecting blogger/blogspot to custom sub domain?

A. You must own a domain (e.g.

B. You must have already hosted your main domain.

C. Blog on

In this article, we will show you how to forward to i.e we have already hosted and we will redirect our blogspot( to the custom sub domain(

So to do that follow the below steps.

1. Log on to your

2. Click on Setting > Basic tab from the dashboard

3. Under Publishing section you will see “Add a custom domain link“, click on it.

4. Now add the custom sub-domain in the URL field and click on save button. Apter you click on save you will get error saying “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12.”. But do not worry because this is the part of this process. You will get two name and Destination variable. In my case it was

NameLabel, or Host field DestinationTarget, or Points To field

5. Now open you main domain Cpanel. If you are using linux hosting then your cpanel can be opened by putting /cpanel apter your main domain url i.e

6. Apter you have opened your main domain cpanel, search for “Simple DNS Zone Editor” and click on it. Now you need to add CNAME record here.

In the Name filed put “Blog” in my case and “” in CNAME section and click on “Add CNAME Record” and again put “sq7zgt7ikifm” in the Name field and “” in the CNAME section and click on “Add CNAME Record”. (Please note that Name and CNAME are different in your case. Just add the Name and Target name which you get step 4. Apter you have added both the CNAE records your updated CNAME should be shown below something like below image.

7. Now the Final step, go back to blogger (step 4) and hit save button. This time you will not get any error and your sub-domain will be added and your blogger url will be redirected to the custom sub domain successfully.

Hope this article was helpful for you, if you have any queries or any problem regarding this issue please comment below and let us know your problem. We will be happy to solve your issue.

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